Thoughts for Charity

In my bachelor days, I experienced that handled the employment of disabled people in some toy company.
After that, I got married, have s son and knew that he has a moderate mental retardation and autism.
I accepted that fact without upset, maybe because of my experience.
Affected by 2008 financial crisis, also my company went bankruptcy and divorced. I was really bad business owner.>>

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How to select your size of KUDEN clothes
Hello! It’s a staff Asami. In this article, I write about how to select your size of KUDEN clothes.KUDEN’s clothes are very characteristic, all size is unisex design for both Japan and world, so our size is an original.
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[rinlife radio 更新情報]Designer's voice
こんばんは!スタッフのAsamiです。 つい先ほどrinlife radioのTak Designer's voiceの収録を致しました〜 こちらのコーナーはTak、Asami、Sena三人のゆるゆるトーク&最新情報お披露目になります。 今回のお話のテーマは… ・和モードコーデ応援プレゼントのご応募ありがとうございました! ・新型3つの最新情報 ・新プロジェクト チャリティ企画について ・お悩み相談 ぜひ家事やリラックスタイムのお供にどうぞ♪ 今週もお疲れ様でした〜 ▼Spotifyの再生はこちらから
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