The Rin Life

-Thoughtful Life People-

We KUDEN named 凛-RIN- to the people who have thoughtful mind, walk life street on their own feet with joy.

Interview series

Good morning,world!


Henry Ferland

This is a interview series that introduce RIN people in the world.
How is their good morning, spend the day and connect to next day , future?

Vol.2 is about Henry Ferland. He is an old guitar player who posts his play video on Instagram. Why he can keep his motivation, continue doing what he are passionate about? What is the future vision he has? Read and get his voice.

Interview series

Good morning,world!


Curtis Dixon

Vol.1 is Curtis Dixon who live in Kent, America. Having lovely smile, charming man and also has strong will in his eyes. He spend his power to activity as s model, where does it comes from?

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