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Due to the rising cost of fuel oil for transportation and supplying materials,

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- 凛Rin Life -

KUDEN mail magazine

In this e-mail magazine, 【KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO】 will send you topics such as Japanese culture including kimono, fashion, lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes stories of creators every Friday, written by fashion designer Takahiro Sato."I became a fashion designer at the age of 43 to create a place to work with my son who has a disability, and I am challenging myself as a creator and manager to go overseas. I will share with you my personal viewpoints and perspectives that I cannot easily share on my website."

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Samurai & Ninja Art Graphic

for KUDEN charity

Original iphone case debut!!

Sharp silhouette mode style shirt which motif is “Kasane-Eri”

Samurai Mode Shirt -KASANE-

Now on sale

Sharp silhouette mode style shirt which motif is “Kasane-Eri”

Samurai Mode Shirt


Mixed Kimono style with shirt

KUDEN who care about working environment of factoryAs one of approach to natural environment too,
New releases the Eco model ofSamurai Mode Series that made of recycled polyester as main fabric

Samurai Mode Series


Next kimono by 3 pieces kimono style
without special technique



How to select your size of KUDEN clothes

In this article, I write about how to select your size of KUDEN clothes.