haoru by KUDEN

Haoru by KUDEN is the apparel line of KUDEN that offer you to incorporate Japanese culture and spirits to your lifestyle by repair and reuse vintage KIMONO & HAORI that is going to be destroyed.

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KUMIKO laptop board

When you use Laptop PC on sofa or bed, don’t you think you want something like a board to put on Laptop or tablet?
KUDEN original products "KUMIKO Laptop Board" is to use KUMIKO, Japanese traditional technique, beautifully in your daily life.

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凛とする thoughtful life

My sense of values are something to decide by myself. The person who live like that, in Japan we express “凛とする Rin-to-suru” that means degnifed. For dignified people who live life in their own way. We share the product to you.

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