Dynamic kimono

Japanese Mode by 3-piece kimono style

Samurai Mode Series

We’re the Japanese - 和 - Mode fashion brand for people who hope to wear kimono someday and can’t wear it in daily life because of busy days by designer who create the clothes for people loving kimono. Particular about material and silhouette, seek to how recreate the joy of kimono by clothes.

Approach for Ethical by KUDEN

To stop the mass production and mass waste

KUDEN's pre tailor-made even is the approach to stop the social problem in fashion world, mass production and mass waste. We will start to produce the item after event end. It means customers must wait but instead of that we can provide discount price.
If you want it as soon as possible, not many but there is a Instock items in regular price so please select according to your needs.

Instock Lineup

Samurai Mode Shirt II

More smart wellhoned silhouette like Katana

Samurai Mode Blouse

Cute & Cool Japanese Mode blouse makes you feel lightly & brilliant

Linen Light Jacket

Summer casual style

Special interview part3

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Special interview part2

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Sakiju style





Amazing quality, customer service, and design

I bought the black x black Samurai jacket back in January 2021, in a size S (I am 5'3" and 110 lbs) and it arrived today (April 2021)! Staff Sena was in touch with me regarding shipping, pricing, etc. and was very helpful with sizing as well. The jacket itself is wonderful quality - the material is very soft and smooth, and is a very classic design so can be paired with many different outfits. I feel very elegant wearing it. Thank you Kuden for this lovely jacket! Wonderful customer service and amazing quality.

Sonia Y.


無事、Samurai Mode Shirt II 届きました!

瑞葵 中.

Amazing Quality!

Very well-made and well-designed! I love how stylish it is

Dante T.



ちゃん ま.