スペシャル対談「介護をしながら働くということ〜福祉を支える人の未来〜」 中村恵美(ケアラーサポート尾道合同会社)×佐藤貴浩(KUDEN)
”支える人を支える会社”、福祉教育で地域・施設・在宅のケアラー(介護者)を支えるケアラーサポート尾道合同会社代表、中村恵美(なかむら よしみ)さんとKUDEN代表で自身も介護を行う当事者である佐藤貴浩が「介護をしながら働くということ〜福祉を支える人の未来〜」というテーマで対談を行った。
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Thoughts for Charity

In my bachelor days, I experienced that handled the employment of disabled people in some toy company.
After that, I got married, have s son and knew that he has a moderate mental retardation and autism.
I accepted that fact without upset, maybe because of my experience.
Affected by 2008 financial crisis, also my company went bankruptcy and divorced. I was really bad business owner.>>

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