Japanese Mode by 3-piece kimono style
Samurai Mode Series

To make the job for both western and Japanese dressmaking artisan, we make more opportunity that people in the world and young age touch the kimono culture by NEXT KIMONO【SAMURAI MODE SERIES】3-piece kimono style without special technique to wear.

Look book

Check the outfits idea of Samurai Mode Series in Lookbook


Global Ambassador MISAMARU

The special page for KUDEN's Global ambassador Misamaru with Samurai Mode Series

Misamaru Special Page

Samurai Mode PV "ReAct"

The PV that expresses the feelings and belief of Samurai Mode Series

ReAct Special Page

Limited Pre tailor-made weeks for Samurai Mode Jacket

Ethical challenge to solve the problem of mass disposal and stock of clothes

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KUDEN Mission statement

#Fashion At The Expense Of Others Is A Really Cool?