• Short cycle of new collection to follow the trend fashion

  • Produce on large scale to make the profits and make amount of waste to prevent to come down in price and brand value 

  • Put too heavy burdens to factory and environment

Things that make you feel like telling to 

someone important for you

We named our brand "KUDEN" with our wish "Things that make you feel like telling to someone important for you.”

KUDEN is from Japanese "口伝" means "tell to someone by mouth, teach and instruct".

Our concept is "Things that make you feel like telling to someone important for you " and keep thinking, design for it.

KUDEN offers and designs product instead of you so that your precious parson can wear and use without worry.

New fashion style KUDEN propose


Directly meaning is moral action or thinking.

KUDEN practice proactively for our “Ethical”, considers deeply to nature and   place and life of people support our produce.

Already “Ethical” is expanded in the world, as social problem but their actual situation is thread and thrum in fact. Even the fast fashion brands, lead a mass-products and mass-disposal till now, say “We go to Ethical” for business, even if it’s  actually not ethical enough. It has a big self-contradiction.

About ethical, there are a lot of the way to think and approach so we can say also there is no exact answer like “this is the ethical.”

So we must continue to lean, think what is the ethical and practice.

we hold up the Ethical considering nature and work environment and design the new fashion has concept “Ethical + Mode.”

Instead of you customers, we study if  the fabric and sewing is good for nature and working people etc., provide products with those information. Those are our job and mission.

We promise we share the information with transparency as much as you customer can make a judgement by yourself.

We name this “Ethical + Mode” fashion “Samurai Mode” after Japanese samurai protects their precious people.

To be Ethical brand

Don’t make new collection in short cycle
Don’t keep excessive stock and stop waste

The definition of KUDEN’s ethical


Directly meaning is moral action or thinking.

KUDEN practice proactively for our “Ethical”, considers deeply to nature and   place and life of people support our produce.

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Not a disposal design followed the trend, but design loved over 10 years.

Design for Ethical

KUDEN doesn’t like disposal design and fashion. Like kimono, we like the design loved over 10 years.

We aim for design loved over 10 years = long life design, not a short cycle fashion followed the trend.

We consider about environment and people related our production and clarify how/where/who make them.


It’s the end of the generation that people don’t put the value on natural environment and working environment by mass-production and mass-consumption.

Number of people like you as wise customer is getting increase, KUDEN genuinely respect it.

To such a wise in customer, KUDEN doesn’t want to provide fake ethical advertisement and product that cheat you.

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To connect artisan and employment for disable people by design.

This is just KUDEN’s final mission.

Designer CEO message

I wrote why I start KUDEN and why aim for Ethical brand.

It’s long message but if you spend your time to read and sympathize feeling to your important people with me it’s an honor for me.

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Brand history


Start apparel brand KUDEN
Start Samurai Mode series project
Meet sewing factory Marron


Release Samurai Mode jacket on kickstarter


Archive 1000% goal and finish kickstarter project

Trouble that KUDEN can’t receive  funding arises but support from backers and many people can make 1st production of Samurai Mode jacket
Our dear sewing factory Marron go bankrupt
Takahiro Sato go short trip to Italy for photo shooting and work

Special Thanks


Екатерине Залюбовской
Nobuyuki Arai
Mance Thompson
Serene Mangmati
Martina Cofani


Brigida Altopiedi
Curtis Dixon
Henry Ferland
Irene Altopiedi
Kenta Kambara ( dancer )
Lynette Nimo
Mariana Blinova
Massimiliano Montaleone 
Serene Mangmati
Valentine Romanski
Violet Christie


Edith Silva

World PR

Angela (JIB)
Erika (JIB)
Tze (JIB)

* in alphabetical order

Company information

Operating company: Gerbera Design inc.
Address : 〒321-2345 1527-1 Kiwadashima, Nikko, Tochigi 
Services:Project management and sales as KUDEN , design consulting business
Company president :Takahiro Sato

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