GOFUKUYA3.0/ Next Kimono Samurai Mode Jacket from KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO


Summer style

By cool touch fabric and good breathable structure,
you can enjoy Samurai Mode Jacket even in hot season with soft touch feeling.
Wearing like stoles and cardigan, it screen from the sunlight.

Style variation

We name Next Kimono “Samurai Mode Series”. They consists of 3 items, Jacket, Shirt and Pants.
Samurai Mode Series is a unisex design that is motif of kimono.
If you wear 3 items together, it looks like kimono.
And If you take just 1 item with your usual outfit, you enjoy kimono and Samurai style in your daily life as both casual and formal fashion.

Vintage Kimono & Haori

Non-disposal, ethical fashion to you.
Introduce outfits idea with vintage haori in your daily life by KUDEN models.

haoru by KUDEN