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Playing as a self-employed wheelchair dancer.Born with a disability called Spina Bifida.Not only as street performer/acrobat performer in the air but also work as a system engineer.Performed on closing ceremony of Rio Paralympic in 2016.

Graduated from TOKYO ZOKEI UNIVERSITY in 2011(major in Photography)After that go to Germany and Czech Republic and take photos, start work as photographer in 2014.Also begin vide o creation in 2017 and acted as travel videographer from 2018.


Simple & thoughtful lifestyle and creation are my principle. My Dream is making a place to work with my son with autism.[Ethical + mode]Fashion & Lifestyle brand KUDEN is for it.

KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO Official site


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Kimono is the symbol of long life design for us. Beauty of silhouette by combination between fabric and moving. To remain those beauty, KUDEN reboot the design for our life style.

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I wrote why I start KUDEN and why aim for Ethical brand. It’s long message but if you spend your time to read and sympathize feeling to your important people with me it’s an honor for me.             

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We named our brand "KUDEN" with our wish "Things that make you feel like telling to someone important for you.” KUDEN offers and designs product instead of you so that your precious parson can wear and use without worry.

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