Fashion at the expense of others is a really cool?


The problem of apparel business world in these days is producing on large scale, mass consumption and making amount of waste. A circumstance of brand and manufacturer puts too heavy burdens and unfair cost-cut to factory.

These sacrifices make things. KUDEN doesn't like these probrems, short cycle of new collection to follow the fashion, Produce on large scale to make the profits and make amount of waste to prevent to come down in price and brand value. We make how, where and who create our product clear to consider for environment and people who concern the production. This is our good faith to customer and manufacturer.

Our support company

Our products are made by many many people.
Each people is needed, we can't produce even if someone is luck.
Big thanks to them and we're very honored to work with them.





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Uni Textile Co., Ltd.(宇仁繊維株式会社)/fabric
Gabou co.,ltd.(株式会社 我望)/pattern making