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… 1. News
… 2. Catch up
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■ 1. News


#Clothes for people who love kimonos #Japanese Modestyle

KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO is a brand created to get people interested in traditional kimono with a modern kimono style that does not need special dressmaking.

I am Takahiro Sato, aka Tak, the designer of KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO.
Today I have two news.

The first is about the progress of the crowdfunding.
Discussions have begun for the production of the Uramasari for the crowdfunding event held at the end of last year.
The production of the previous Hakkake skirts is also currently in progress with the arrangement of materials and the production is going smoothly.
We, KUDEN and the sewing artisans will carefully sew each and every stitch and deliver them to you.

Second, I would like to talk about this mail magazine.
Until now, we have been delivering new product and sales event information to KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO customers on an irregular basis as a "Newsletter," but we have decided to change the title and content of the Newsletter to an e-mail magazine, and will now deliver it every Friday.

The first issue of this mail magazine as issue 0,
We will start to deliver information and contents that KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO customers and interested subscribers will enjoy and sometimes find useful.

In this e-mail magazine, 【KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO】 will send you topics such as Japanese culture including kimono, fashion, lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes stories of creators every Friday, written by fashion designer Takahiro Sato.
I became a fashion designer at the age of 43 to create a place to work with my son who has a disability, and I am challenging myself as a creator and manager to go overseas. I will share with you my personal viewpoints and perspectives that I cannot easily share on my website.

I, as a designer, will be writing this magazine every week with my heart and soul.
I would be happy if you could enjoy it in your spare time.
Thank you very much.

Designer Takahiro Sato



■ 2. Catch up

Hello everyone.
My name is Takahiro Sato, aka Tak, and I am a designer.
It is gradually getting colder in Nikko where I live.
Japan is supposed to be hit by a cold wave from this weekend, so I am preparing kerosene for the heaters in my house and office. As usual, I am struggling to balance my rural life, raising a disabled child, caring for my elderly father, and being creative.
(*Since this magazine is translated and distributed to overseas customers as well, notes and explanations will be provided for topics unique to Japan.)

This will be my fourth year to spend the winter in Nikko.
With the recurrence of my father's cancer (my mother has already passed away), I moved out of Kichijoji, Tokyo, where I lived for over 20 years, and returned to my parents' home in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.
The room in my parents' house, a 50-year-old wooden structure where I spent my youth, has been DIY-ed by my staff and is used as an office for my fashion brand.
I am very deeply moved by the fact that I am now living in a future that I never imagined when I was young and spent my time in this room.

Well, this week I am designing KUDEN's new KIMONO Gown (tentative name).
We also had a discussion with the staff about the contents to be written for the change of Newsletter to an e-mail magazine.

Why change the content from Newsletter to email magazine? It is because
KUDEN is a brand that proposes fashion styles for the domestic and international market, and since we are still a small independent brand, we do not have any physical stores.
In order to answer the requests from our customers to actually touch and try on KUDEN clothes, I have been able to have opportunities to meet and talk directly with KUDEN customers since the end of last year at exhibitions at Design Festa and at pre-kimono and Japanese/Western mixed style events.
It was a great opportunity for me to hear the feedback from customers who liked my sharp clothes, and it was an important and stimulating time for me.

In addition, what I actually felt when I had the opportunity to talk with customers was that I had been focusing on creating a website in order to convey my thoughts about the brand, clothes, and customers through the site, but when I actually talked with customers firsthand, I felt that topics of interest were not well expressed on the site and that what I was writing was not reaching the customers.
Also, since KUDEN has a staff of three, including myself, who handle everything from clothing design to website construction and web design, package design, SNS, translation, etc., we are inevitably short on manpower. Well, in that case! As a manager, I have made a bold decision to focus on the e-mail magazine, which can easily convey my brand's message directly to the public.
From now on, I will hold photo shoots of kimonos and Japanese/Western style coordination (I will take pictures of the models as if I were shooting KUDEN models!) ) and other opportunities to meet and touch KUDEN's clothes.

Here are our current plans for the future contents of the e-mail magazine.

• Catch up
→ This is a weekly update of what's going on at KUDEN and myself.

• Japanese culture contents
→I will introduce a mixture of new and old Japanese traditions, pop culture, and other things that I think are great! From the next issue, we will introduce the traditional Japanese performing art of Bunraku (puppet theater) in several installments, and we will also show a video of a conversation with Sakijudayu, who serves as a KUDEN ambassador.

• Anime and Manga contents
→We will cover topics such as anime cartoon illustrations, etc., valuing our relationship with the "KUDEN Charity," which creates jobs for sewing factories and welfare offices.

Make the world just a little bit better by wearing your favorite "cool & kawaii" clothes
KUDEN Charity

From the next issue, voice actors Kazuhiko Inoue, who play Mr. Kakashi from Naruto and Mr. Nyanko from Natsume's Book of Friends, and Rune Sasaki participated in the voice drama "KUDEN Samurai Sword Jam" for charity. (Voice Drama: Director/Screenplay by Takahiro Sato)
The novel I am writing based on the voice drama will be serialized in a mail magazine as well.
The first part of the series is completed in Japanese. If you want to read it quickly, please visit "Novel Up+" in Japanese!
The English version is currently being serialized on the novel submission site "Whattpad"!

• The Story of the Origin of KUDEN
→Corner name is Undecided yet.
Why did I, who was divorced, separated from my son, collapsed and went bankrupt due to overwork, create KUDEN to create a place to work with my mentally handicapped and autistic son who was living apart from me at the time? How did I do it? Why overseas? I will talk about the past and the reasons why I created KUDEN.

• About KUDEN's Clothes (Development Story)
→ KUDEN does not like to design clothes that will be used up and discarded.
We will talk about the points that were particular to each garment and the difficulties in making them from the viewpoints of designers and sewing artisans.
In addition, KUDEN staff members Sena, a good ironer for KUDEN clothes, and a concierge will explain how to take care of KUDEN's clothes for a long time.

• Interview
→We interview KUDEN ambassadors, models, and friends.
In the near future, we will be releasing a video of a conversation with Bunraku performer Toyotake Sakijudayu, for example. In the past, we have interviewed Misamaru, Kenta Kanbara (wheelchair dancer), Yukimasa Shijoh (animator), and others, and we plan to introduce archived interviews.

• Q&A
→We are looking for questions about KUDEN clothing (care, coordinating, etc.) and what you would like to see us do as content in the future.
Also, if you want to start up an apparel brand, become a creator of design, etc., or do business overseas, please send me your questions, and I will answer them in the mail magazine as much as possible.
What about photographic equipment? What should I sell overseas? I want to be a creator! Please feel free to ask me any questions using the form below.

Please mention “mail magazine Q&A Section” before sending your question.
Click here to ask me>>

• Mail magazine subscription benefits
→We are considering planning downloadable contents such as smartphone standby screens and PC wallpaper, as well as advance benefits such as order-taking events.

We will renew the Newsletter as an e-mail magazine in this way.

Finally, I would like to express my wish for the name of the magazine "凛 rin Life".
I like the word "Rin" in Japanese and the way it is expressed.
It is difficult to find a word to explain "Rin" in Japanese to people overseas.
At KUDEN, we apply the word "thoughtful" to the word "rin".
We hope to color and encourage the thoughtful lives of thoughtful "you" who do your best for others in your daily life with our Samurai Mode Jacket and other fashions.

Lastly, as a self-taught, late-blooming designer, I would like to share with you some comments I made in an interview when I was asked why I made these clothes when I was able to win one of the world's largest design awards in Italy at the age of 44. I would be happy if you could understand my philosophy on clothes.

For me, wearing clothes is the same thing to wear own second skin.Clothes express the air of the generation, a sense of value, hope, and wishes for the future to those who wear them.The flow of the times is very fast now,
I also live each day to the fullest as a manager, designer, and father. Sometimes I become discouraged under pressure and lose my beliefs and values.Everyone may be the same, I think...
When we feel so, by wearing these clothes,Straightening myself,Standing on my feet and having a spirit like the samurai."OK, I can do it; I believe in myself." “Put my heart into each action.” To express such a feeling for you and me,I named these clothes “Samurai.” You have seen at least once before.Japanese animation, manga, samurai drama.Samurai, lived with own strong spirit and belief. “I am just modern Samurai.” “Strong, affectionate, stick to my guns, Samurai is me.” Yes, you become to be modern Samurai.
I would like to bring the Samurai Mode series to the people of the world.For your important business scene,For your memorable day,Even for your ordinary day,I want you to wear them as a part of you to express your feelings and beliefs.In such very busy days,Work hard for someone who is precious to you,Live with strong beliefs and values and have the will to carry on.For such people in the world, regardless of age, nation, or gender,I’ m happy if they wear my clothes. I think you can feel the power of design when you wear.From now on,I continue to produce and design the clothes based on my these philosophy.
Even it’ s a small brand, I keep trying with Samurai spirit.

Thanks for reading.
See you next time.


■ 3.Media & Serials

SF adventure
Novel「KUDEN Samurai Sword Jam」

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