[Gift Entry Guidelines] Vneck T-shirt Monitoring Promotion

[Gift Entry Guidelines] Vneck T-shirt Monitoring Promotion - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
Hello, it's Takahiro Sato, KUDEN designer.

We will be gifting five Samurai Mode Vneck T-shirt, which is perfect for the coming spring season.
To be eligible for the prize, you must be a subscriber to this mail magazine and write a review about how the T-shirt fits after receiving it.

The Vneck T-shirts were created for KUDEN Charity, which creates jobs at sewing factories and welfare facilities for people with disabilities.
Graphic T-shirts are often "fashion at someone else's expense," involving various social issues such as mass production, mass disposal, and Uyghur cotton.
We do not want to print the character graphics of the creators who participated in this charity project on such "T-shirts at someone else's expense" just to lower the price.
I also felt that it would be unbalanced to have the T-shirts printed by people in the field of welfare for the handicapped or to donate money to charity.
Is it okay to use T-shirts that were cheaply bought and made under poor working conditions in favor of immediate cheapness and profit, when the charity is to help someone else?
After much deliberation, I designed and produced this T-shirt from scratch.
We look forward to hearing your wonderful reviews.

Exclusive gift for Subscriber!
Samurai Mode Vneck T-shirt Monitoring Promotion

●Gift items
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt

Made of high-grade 100% non-Uighur cotton
This Vneck T-shirt fits KUDEN's Japanese mode style and looks great on its own or with a kimono collar.
Unlike the boxy silhouette of regular T-shirts, this slightly tight design gives a sharp impression when worn.
Despite being made of 100% cotton, it is made of a high quality fabric with UV cut and contact cooling properties.

Size Chart and Other Items detail

●Number of Winner

●To whom to enter
Mail magazine subscribers who will write product reviews

●Entry deadline
28th Feb. 23:59 (JST)

●Winner Announce
3rd March
Only winners will be notified by email

●How to Entry
Please apply by selecting the size and color of your choice on the application form in the mail magazine distributed on February 17 or in the mail magazine archives on this website.

【Distributed 2/17 Mail Magazine Archive】
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO【 凛rin life 】 Vol.004
▼Exclusive gift for mail magazine members
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Winners will be selected by lottery and the winning email will be sent to the email address of the mail magazine subscriber.

Register as a member of KUDEN and enter your address and other necessary information for shipping.

Vneck T-shirt will be shipped to you.
Send the Vneck Tshirt to your address.
KUDEN will send you an email requesting a review a few days after your order arrives.

Please review how you feel about the item.

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We look forward to hearing your wonderful reviews.

KUDEN Designer
Takahiro Sato