Designer Tak won the international big design competition A’Design Award in social design category

Designer Tak won the international big design competition A’Design Award in social design category - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
*Designer Tak won the international big design competition A’Design Award in social design category*

We announce our designer Takahiro Sato won the IRON in social design category 2019-2020. It’s one of the biggest design competition in the world, held every year from Italy.

Social Design Award is for products and projects including social projects, social value proposals and projects for society. Branding and Samurai Mode Series designed for people all over the world to wear in their daily life easily are evaluated as social design.

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DESIGN NAME: Kuden Project

Designer Profiles of Takahiro Sato is here
Designer Profiles -Takahiro Sato-

About A’Design Award and competition

“The A' Design Award and Competition has a very well developed methodology for choosing the best designs using rigorous evaluative criteria, blind judging processes, score normalization, cross matching and more, to reward only the best designers and firms that truly deserve special recognition.
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※In June, Tak supporsed to be invited for Gala Night at Como in Italy but schedule is undecided yet because of COVID-19.

We share the message from Takahiro Sato about this award winning.

Message from Takahiro Sato
I’m overjoyed from bottom of my heart that A’Design Award, it means great designer and long-established award , receive me. Why I applied to this award is I want to tell to people who are/were in similar situation as me that we can come true our dreams and aim if we keep effort and never give up, even if we’re in not rich environment.
I gave up to study design in college and began to work for help my family so I have complex to call myself designer, first time I called it when I was 43 years old. I decided to make the place to work with my disabled son now living apart, overcame my complex, called myself designer and finally made my brand KUDEN and my first clothes Samurai Mode Series.
For this brand and clothes, I receive this award with staff and friends always support me, sewing artisans who worked for ex-partner sewing factory that went bankrupt because of depression in fashion business world, customers who bought again and supported me after my crowdfunding project successes but rejected it and got into a tough situation.
From now on, I try my best and keep effort to live up to expectations from people related to this award and my brand.

The cover image for A’Design Award is one scene from PV. Wheelchair dancer Mr.Kenta Kambara who played at closing ceremony in Rio acts in PV. He expresses thoughts about social design, hope and feeling “Correct the environment and want to make a place that producers can be smile too” “Never want people who is important for me to wear “the fashion at the expense of others”” by dance.

KUDEN makes 4 minutes 9 seconds Promotion Video that puts those feeling to social design on.

→KUDEN Samurai Mode PV

Evaluated the action to protect working environment and traditional kimono culture by social design

3 feature of social design by KUDEN is below.
・Next Kimono Platform
KUDEN practice proactively for our “Ethical”, considers deeply to nature and place and life of people support our produce. Instead of customers, KUDEN studies if the fabric and sewing is good for nature and working people etc., provide products with those information. Also share the information with “Transparency” as much as you customer can make a judgement by themselves.

Now there are international big problem about the working environment of sewing factory , forced for unfair low wage and short term. As an ethical brand, KUDEN publishes costs of all our product and defray fair wage to sewing factory.

→Detail is here
Mission statement

Next Kimono Platform has a function to expand kimono market to the world. Regarding kimono as 1 design, it’s redesigned as daily-use kimono without special technique to wear so people in the world can enjoy it in their daily life as usual wear. It makes more demand of kimono and connect to protect kimono culture and technique.

→Detail is here
Social design -Next kimono platform-

We all appreciate so much to your support, your support brings us this big award. We’re happy if it’s a little return the favor.
Also we staff are very glad that great designers in the world evaluated Tak.

Making this award opportunity that more people know KUDEN and we hope we would deliver “Things that make you feel like telling to someone important for you”.
Thank you so much again and for your continuous support.

Special thanks
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Model: Irene Altopiedi
Drone pilot: Yasuyuki Yamada
Dancer: Kenta Kambara
Photographer: Mance Thompson
Photographer: Nobuyuki Arai
Sewing factory Marron