Mission statement

The reason KUDEN thoroughly commits to social design and transparency to protect working environment

Connect the artisan and employment for disabled person by design

KUDEN was born from one strong thought of CEO/Designer Takahiro Sato.
His dream is to make a place to work with his son who had autism and lives apart.
This will starts KUDEN. At first year for KUDEN, we experience sad affair that our sewing partner Marron went bankrupt because of inferior working environment by apparel business world make them to work in short delivery time and low wage.
We made a decision.
To protect the artisan’s technique including sewing, we publish the cost with transparency , how/what for/to who spend the cost customer pays and thoroughly commit to defray fair wage to factory.
This is how we contribute to the betterment of woking environment, and finally connect with the employment of disabled people is KUDEN’s mission to fulfill.

Our statement shall be the following

1.Social design -Next Kimono platform-

Next design loved over 10 years

Commit to improve working environment of sewing factory and disappearing kimono culture by design.

2.Transparency & Ethical

Fashion at the expense of others is a really cool?

Consider for working and natural environment as much as we can, thoroughly publish those information.One of our answer for Ethical reaches “GOFUKUYA” that makes clothes one by one as custom order. 


Non-disposal ethical fashion to you

Keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer, not disposal and throw away immediately is also important, we return the vintage kimono to market from disposal and deliver to people in the world.(→Vintage kimono&haori fashion line “haoru by KUDEN” is here)

KUDEN’s approach

We have 2 approach to protect working environment of sewing factory.

Social design

To make new versatile platform “Next Kimono” that redesign traditional one, the more factory sews, they alleviate a burden.

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Transparency & Ethical

KUDEN keeps 40~50% cost rate and publish costs of all our product by original chart and graph for easy to understand customers.

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Designer CEO messege

My dream is to make a place to work with my son who had autism and lives apart.