Kimono philosophy

KUDEN's clothes are neither kimono remakes nor the typical everyday clothing designs made by brands.

Therefore, people who are interested in kimonos are often attracted to the shape of our items, and who prefer Mode or different styles are also attracted to our brand's atmosphere and visit the site. 

I am writing this to tell the first visitor to the site about the beauty of KUDEN's clothes and why they are in this shape. 

To explain more intuitively "What is the KUDEN brand? and "What is different about KUDEN's clothes?" , we make a new page called "kimono philosophy," which is synonymous with the collections presented by regular brands, but at the same time has a slightly different meaning.

Why do we use the phrase "Kimono Philosophy"?

The normal collection cycle for a brand is twice a year, such as spring/summer and fall/winter every year. At most, four times a year for the four seasons.

They release a collection, and the next year they release another collection. So-called clothes are used up.

In fact, KUDEN also has a collection.

However, KUDEN, which does not mass-produce and mass-dispose of fashion, has a slogan of "designs that can be loved for ten years," so a design will not be released until it has become a satisfactory product.

The brand, KUDEN, is unique in that the designers and wearers collaborate closely on the designs that are created, and after receiving feedback from the wearers, we develop the design from 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3 versions.

Yes, KUDEN's collections are not born every season. And it never disappears. "Eternal collection" is KUDEN's philosophy.

So why not call them collections? 

KUDEN has used the word discontinued collection for many years.

In fact, it is correct to say that KUDEN has discontinued "early-cycle collections that use up designs in a season," but for the ease of understanding for customers, and to avoid misleading KUDEN's brand value with the meaning of the word "collection" used by fashion brands, we dare not use the word “collection." 

So what words shall we apply? 

A word that replaces the Eternal Collection, a word that gives customers a short overview of KUDEN and should be able to answer your question about what the KUDEN brand and clothes are, and it should be words that encourage people to tap that button on their smartphones without hesitation.

What is a "collection?"

A collection as defined by other brands and imagined by the general public is a collection that the designer has designed with the idea that "this is the style for this year and this season."

Like the label "2023 Autumn/Winter Collection.”

KUDEN is an ethereal collection.However, as mentioned earlier, the word "collection" is not used.

Eternal = to continue to be consistent with the brand's philosophy.

It can be understood by the Eternal collection, but it is weak. Eternal is why the brand has a consistent philosophy in its clothes.

When we extract what customers find appealing from the look and feel of the clothes, we can sum up KUDEN as "Kimono".

Therefore, instead of using an easy abstract term like "Eternal Collection," which could be copied by any brand, we thought it would be better to use a term that penetrates to the core of the Eternal Collection.

KUDEN's clothes are designed for people in Japan and abroad who cannot wear traditional kimono by themselves, so that they can feel Kimono in their daily life without special dressing up technique called “Kitsuke.”

For those who are interested in kimonos but cannot wear them, or for those like me who are too busy to wear them because of limited places to wear them, KUDEN's clothes can be said to be a device that allows kimono lovers like you to feel kimonos in their daily lives. 

Every day I think about how I can apply what I consider to be the beautiful aspects of Kimono to clothing, with the hope of spreading the Kimono culture to those who are interested in it, the younger generation and people overseas, while eventually encouraging them to try their hand at traditional Kimono.

Through KUDEN's clothes, we want to preserve traditional kimono culture, and on the commercial side, create jobs in Japanese sewing to make kimonos and sewing to make western clothes.

This is KUDEN's philosophy, the Kimono Philosophy.


KUDEN is a Japanese mode style brand that creates "clothes for people love kimono" for those who would like to wear kimonos someday, and for those who can wear kimonos but are too busy to wear them in Japan and abroad .

KUDEN is committed to using Japan's domestic fabrics and sewing techniques, and explores how to recreate the fun and charm of the kimono in western clothing.


To protect the working environment of sewing factories, we insist on production at sewing factories in Japan, and we will continue to produce the same clothes all the time, brushing up the designs every season, instead of throwing them away.

#Next Kimono

KUDEN's Samurai Mode Series is loved as the "first clothing" to interest the younger generation and those who love kimono and Japanese culture, both at Japan and abroad, in the traditional kimono.


We are committed to making our products in Japan in order to keep the high level of Japanese sewing techniques and the traditional culture of kimono. (Except for some products such as KUDENArt.)

KUDEN’s Dream

KUDEN was started by designer Tak to create a place for his mentally handicapped and autistic son to work together in the future, and was inspired by his mother's memento, kimono.
Our goal is to have a Japanese and Western sewing factory in Nikko, where people with disabilities can be employed.


Clothes and business models designed to protect kimono culture, which is gradually being lost, and the high level of Japanese and Western sewing techniques of Japanese sewing factories have been highly evaluated and have won awards overseas, including one of the world's largest Italian design award.

・A’Design Award & Competition( One of the biggest design award in the world held at Italy)
・Indigo Design Award
・The 9th Athens International Digital Film Festival
・Superfest Disability Film Festival