How to select your size of KUDEN clothes

How to select your size of KUDEN clothes - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
Hello! It’s a staff Asami.
In this article, I write about how to select your size of KUDEN clothes.

KUDEN’s clothes are very characteristic, all size is unisex design for both Japan and world, so our size is an original.
Not your usual size, please check our size chart and pick from it.

I tell you important point for size picking!

●Samurai Mode Jacket
Your height is most important! Select your favorite length

It doesn’t need to close a front so a waist size is not so important.
Oversize jacket is also recommended, now trend!

[1]Check each size in video
We wear each size in this video.
→Watch on Youtube

●Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
This is bracelet sleeves! Check your bust and waist

Juban shirt is bracelet sleeves design so perfect look is that you can see a wrist.
This is to seems good balance when you wear jacket or haori on it.
Also for attachable lace sleeves too.

If you select size according to your sleeve length, it may be big so please check a bust and waist size!

●Samurai Mode Shirt II
A little adjustable for waist by strings. Check a length

Close the front by strings , not a button so a little adjustable.
Think about a length and sleeve length when you check a size.

●Samurai Mode Pants II
Check a waist and length. Adjustable waist size by button

Pants II has a function to adjust a waist size , 3 patterns.
You can wear on the waist, usual style and also on pelvis, sagging style.

This is why size chart has 3 number of waist.

If you OK about waist, next check a length.
It looks beautiful when the a hem is between calf and ankle.

●If you worry , ask to concierge!

We welcome to answer your question about size.
This concierge service is on messenger or mail.
If you book a schedule, we can talk with you online video so feel free to ask us.

Contact page

hope this is helpful for you!
If you have a question, don’t hesitate, please tell us
and think together about your size!

KUDEN staff Asami