Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt
Samurai Mode Juban Shirt

Samurai Mode Juban Shirt

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This is only Juban Shirt what you can buy now.
For popular demand, there is no stock of fabric and now fabric factory is making it.
So we’re not yet confirmed when the item will be available.
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Material  Cotton 100%

-Hand wash

-If you want to use washing machine, please do it at your own risk.

-Please note that we do not take responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through our service.
( includes the case that some parts get rusty )

-Please use the water and laundry detergent and wash by your hands.

-If you want to use washing machine, please do it at your own risk and if that case, please protect the clothes by towel or something fabric, put it in cleaning net and use hand wash course at least.

-It has possibility that break the clothes. Say again but please hang it after drain off as much as possible.
( If you keep putting it in water , it may get rusty. )

-You can iron by yourself.

The place of production Made in Japan

Size Chart

*Unisex Design

【 Notice about size 】
・This product is Unisex design and size is KUDEN original. So please check the size chart and pick your size. If you worry about size, feel free to ask/contact us.

*How to select size
Juban shirt is designed for when you wear with Samurai Mode Jacket or haori so it’s balance of sleeve length is a little shorter than usual shirt.

If you select size according to your arm length , it may be big for you sometime so recommend size according to your
•chest measurement ( bustline )
•waist measurement

If you worry about size, feel free to ask us and think with us your best size.

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・We reply within 3 business day in Japanese time except special leave, in that case we announce at our blog.

Basically we're not accepting product returns, exchange and refund due to customer's request.

Especially for order production, basically no-refundable. 
We need to keep, buy, ask, weave and dye cloth for you. Please understand that matter before you buy.

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Customer Reviews

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ChuKot O.

Joined the Pre tailor-made scheme, can't wait to receive this beautiful and stylish Juban shirt!

文 髙.


ちゃん ま.




彩夏 木.

Samurai Mode Juban Shirt

Dignified kimono silhouette

This is a new Japanese - 和 - mode style shirt that express the joy of kimono, combination with textile and color by kimono and half collar, as modern clothes. And also express the beautiful S silhouette of kimono like as you wear kimono with Obi belt by corset.

We hope you enjoy the joy of kimono even if you wear modern clothes and have an interests on traditional kimono too.

Option parts
a sense of fun that customizable as you like to you

Designer Tak put those traditional joy of kimono on design of Juban Shirt has, change the color and fabric of Han-eri parts, customize the combination as you like.

We will release the Han-eri parts made by vintage kimono and haori that we can’t wear anymore because of dirty , from huge amount storing away in Japan.

3 pieces kimono style of Japanese - 和 - Mode

Samurai Mode Series is our Next kimono by 3 pieces kimono style without special technique to wear.
This is the clothes for people who loves kimono.

Winner of A’Design Award 2022 that one of the most biggest international design competition in social category from Italy.

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