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[Debut pre tailor-made]Samurai Mode Kimono Rain Coat

[Debut pre tailor-made]Samurai Mode Kimono Rain Coat

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It is designed to be worn as a long coat as it is, creating a blend of Japanese and Western styles.
The long length of this coat makes it ideal for wearing over a traditional kimono.

Most kimono coats are heavy, but this one can be worn very lightly.
This coat can be worn as a kimono style coat by itself, so you can freely change the layers by adding a haori over it.

You can enjoy the Japanese "kimono style" and the Western "coat style" with just this one piece.

Design Features

The fabric is made of the water-resistant fabric which is useful from daily use to outdoor activities. It is lightweight and lighter than it looks.
The matte surface gives it a casual yet chic finish.

Buttons are attached to the sleeves, allowing the sleeves to be rolled up and secured like a safari shirt.
The beautiful embroidery, a characteristic of kimono, is utilized in the design as it is, while the sleeves can be fixed short and worn comfortably when you want to be active, such as when working or shopping.

Pockets on both sides have been added to suit today's busy lifestyles where carrying small items such as cell phones is a must.

The Miyatsuguchi mechanism, a feature of women's kimonos, and a belt similar to the square belt used in men's kimonos, are used. It is well ventilated and comfortable to wear even in hot weather, with little tightness.

The cord used for dressing is detachable and can be tied like a ribbon on the coat or to adjust the silhouette.
In kimono style, it can be used as a waist cord style or obi belt.

Attachment: 1 obi belt, 2 thin waist belt

Designer's Voice

This is a raincoat version of the Kimono Coat, an improved version of the popular Kimono Gown.
It was designed to resist rain and to be lightweight.
I had only heavy coats that I could wear over my kimono, so I wanted a light coat.
It is an enjoyable coat that can be worn in a variety of ways, even when matched with everyday wear.

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-New Release-
Fusion of Kimono and Suit!
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