Wear your favorite “Cool&Kawaii”, make a little better world

The fashion brand that father started for his son with autism and a moderate intellectual disability now living apart, collaborates with Japan's prominent animators, illustrators, and manga artists for charity project.

Enjoy the artworks of KUDEN original world “KUDEN - Samurai Sword Jam -“.

Samurai & Ninja Art Graphic 


The world of
KUDEN - Samurai Sword Jam -fo

for Charity


What's New

08 Jun, 2022

Special interview with Yukimasa Shijoh

10 Jun, 2022

Mr.Shijoh&Ms.Hinomoto&Mt.Nagatomo will be on Shibuya CROSS FM on 11th June.

6 Jun, 2022

【Archive video】Mr.Shijoh&Ms.Hinomoto&Mt.Nagatomo on Animeradio