Novelization of the original work created for KUDEN Charity.

Japan's prominent animators, illustrators, and manga artists participated in the KUDEN Charity.

The charity has become a regular event, and in order to further grow the charity, the original story is now being published as a novelization.

The novel is being serialized in both English and Japanese!

Enjoy the original novel and the characters designed by the creators!

In the near feature, people can’t live on the earth anymore because of repeated the pollution and destruction of the environment. They decided to move to another planet.

At the planet people move to, there is many difference with the earth. Material and structure of resources, climate, ecosystem and creature. People adapt those environment by a lot of technology.
However there is not just nature-rich planet like the earth,

People live like they bear a sin , “we destroyed the nature and can’t live at the earth by ourselves”.

Even in strict environment, they live a strong life.

In those time, a certain Japanese town in a planet. The area that many people having their roots in Japan lives.

To protect the life from strict nature environment, the country thrives with the castle.

As you know, people needs to protect themselves from nature and even the wealth gap.

Government organize the vigilante group called “Samurai-Dan “.

Samurai is the the person who carry on the ambition and spirit of Japanese Samurai in the earth.

But in this obsolete planet, true Samurai is getting disappear, there are many Samurai only in name, just a ruffians without any cause and loyalty.

The one of the symbol of Samurai, “katana “.

Hagane needed for making katana only exists on the earth.

Hagane becomes rare metal that most tough steel but also supple in the space.

The technique to forge the Hagane is the lost technology in long time.

At some place in this age.

One-eyed man gathers iron scrap with cute boy.He is last blacksmith who has the technique to forge the Hagane.

But he lost a big battle in the past , also lost his precious people and realized Katana is the just weapon that hurt people.He throw away his past, now live with his disabled son.

Centering on This father and son, story about Katana now begins.

Latest episode is from here

Free to read in both Japanese and English!

Japanese ver

English ver

To enjoy for you who love Japanese culture, kimono, anime, manga all over the world

We are preparing learning contents to study Japanese&English and Japanese culture through "KUDEN -Samurai sword Jam-" as a teaching material! Please look forward to it!

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