To make the job for artisans of both western and Japanese sewing technique ,

KUDEN makes more opportunity that people all over the world and Japanese young age touch the kimono culture in their daily life and aims for the brand who pass the culture and interests on kimono by our Next Kimono “Samurai Mode Series” without special technique to wear kimono.

To tell the joy of kimono more, We proudly announce KUDEN appoints Misamaru who loves and enjoys kimono from bottom of her heart as the global ambassador.

*1…More about Next Kimono is from here.

*2…The story about sewing factory Marron went bankrupt is on here.

— Kimono is What we wear and enjoy as we like



Nice to meet you, I’m Misamaru, becoming a brand ambassador for KUDEN.

I try my best to get as many people as possible known the worldview of KUDEN, cool and mode design but also functional.

I really appreciate if you support.

 “Pride and Bride - Follow my belief -“

Lookbook expressed the imposing attitude mystical by white and black Samurai Mode Series

- Coming Soon-

Misamaru and Designer Takahiro Sato talks about their thoughts and episode in the video and article.

You can read their talking as article from here.

One of biggest international design award
A' Design Award and competition
Social Design category Iron winner

Social Design Award in A’Design Design Award is for products and projects including social projects, social value proposals and projects for society.

KUDEN is evaluated its branding and Samurai Mode Series, design for people all over the world to wear easily in daily life as a social design.

For people in the world, to enjoy kimono as daily life fashion and makes demand of kimono. It connect to protect the culture and techniques.

→Designer Tak won A’Design Award in Social Design category, one of the biggest international design competition.

Other award history is from here.

The KUDEN's first product after Global ambassador Misamaru joins

Juban Shirt & Pants II

Juban Shirt Options

KUDEN Global Ambassador

Misamaru info page

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Photo by Arai Nobuyuki