Dignified kimono silhouette and a sense of fun that customizable as you like to you

Samurai Mode Juban Shirt

Designer designed Juban Shirt with my thoughts that 

"How to express the joy of kimono, combination with textile and color by kimono and half collar, as modern clothes"

"How to take S silhouette of kimono in and make use of it”.

Also put the hope that want customer to wear long time without boring.

Each shirt include basic Han-eri parts made by same fabric with shirt.

You can put on and off easily by hook and loop fastener so you can customize your shirt by those Han-eri parts and enjoy as many kinds of outfits even though it's just 1 shirt.

What do you like best together?


Left ) Basic Han-eri parts include each shirt on shirt 

Right) Lace Han-eri parts on shirt

Special Thanks!

Photo by Arai Nobuyuki