Our kickstarter almost reach 1000%

Our kickstarter almost reach 1000%. It left half of the month! It will end on 29th Dec. so please don’t miss this chance We cut our profit so it’s almost just the cost but we now want to get a experience of manufacture! If we have over 500 order, we can get a little profit because sawing cost is down.

Our support sewing factory is in Kanuma, Tochigi, Japan. They are like the factory in “Porco Rosso” or Tatara factory in “Spirited Away.” Powerful women, great worker, sew your jacket. For you, they put their hearts into every stitch on yours.

This project is a big first step for dream to make the place to work with disable people like my son, I swear to him, I’ll make it.

Thank you for everyone. SHARE and BUY, it’s a great support for us.