Samurai Mode Kimono Gown

Japanese 和 Mode style looking like kimono in 1 piece

No special tools are required, and an Obi belt is included to complete the kimono style with just one gown.

Traditional Obi for more real Kimono style

If you have a traditional kimono obi and obijime, you can combine them and make further combinations.

Enjoy Japanese-Wedtern style without special technique to wear

You can easily create a Japanese-Western mix of coordinates by simply combining it with a KUDEN shirt or skirt.

Free to make your style

You can enjoy your own unique coordination by combining it with accessories for kimono, or even with your everyday clothes.

Moving in Video

Color variation

It comes in two colors, BlueGray ( Blue ) and black.

2 way style in 1 piece

You can enjoy the Japanese "Kimono Style" and Western "Gown Style" so 2way style with just this one item.

Roll up the sleeves for ease of movement

Buttons are attached to the sleeves, allowing you to fix the sleeves rolled up like a safari shirt.

2 pockets

Pockets on both sides are provided for today's busy lifestyles where carrying small items such as cell phones is essential.

Care at home

The fabric is a linen and rayon blend with a soft and relaxed feel.It can be cared for at home by gentle hand washing and ironing.

Airy and cool comfort

It has the characteristic “Miyatsu-guchi" (design that allows air to pass through) of a women's kimono and a belt similar to the obi used in men's kimonos.

Accessories to be Kimono Style

The ties used for dressing are detachable, and can be tied ribbon-style in the gown, or the silhouette can be adjusted.