Samurai Mode Series Daily outfits MANGA #3

Samurai Mode Series Daily outfits MANGA #3 - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Keep using what already have is also important

I , designer of Samurai Mode Series, introduce outfit idea for people by MANGA.
We think it’s ethical to consider and select fair trade products considered working environment, organic and eco material that friendly to people and environment. But to keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer is also important ethical approach for KUDEN. If it will be a trigger to enjoy ethical fashion that use clothes, item and accessory that already you have, you make us so happy.

The stylist, model and writer for this outfit is a KUDEN staff Irene. I visited to Italy last summer July for photo shooting. At that time, Irene played roles as Model, stylist and taking care of our business journey in Italy. You also can see her photos at Look book.

From one of them, Irene introduce and talk about her outfit and backstage story of photo shooting. Enjoy!

1. For culture day Samurai Mode Style

-Jacket & Pants: KUDEN by Takahiro Sato
-Bodysuit with flowers
-Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
-Necklace with hearth pendant

When I wear the samurai mode suit I feel like the protector of a place. It gives me a powerful energy and a willingness to know the history of the past. I wore this outfit when I went to visit the famous castle in Naples called “Castel dell’Ovo” ( Egg castle). I chose the ivory color to be in line with the castle, and a blue bodysuit to match the sea. I was part of the landscape and I felt more concentrate and excited during my visit.
I suggest you to do the same. You can wear the suit when you go visit museums, castles, churches, or other kind of attractions. Choose the color that matches the best with the place you are going to see, and wear with the jacket and pants a thing that shows your personality. Find something in accordance with what defines your style. For example, I wore a Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes, and a necklace. The shoes expressed my extrovert personality. About the necklace, for me an outfit is not complete without wearing any adornment. I wanted to be as simple as possible during my visit so I decided to wear only one accessory. I wore a necklace with a hearth pendant made with little ochre pearls. Heart shaped objects and pearls, are two things that I love. The necklace was another symbol that entirely represented myself.

2.Wedding ceremony Style

-Dress= Mango
-Samurai Mode Jacket= KUDEN by Takahiro Sato
-Spiral twist sandals
-Earrings= Paris Kids
-Hairstyle: ballerina bun

This picture was taken in Rome in July. We were in the middle of summer and that day in particular, the weather was very hot. Even though the sun was burning, the lightness of the jacket kept me from feeling any warmer. The feeling that I had was protection and coolness. The fabric of the jacket is very soft and the wide sleeves allowed the air to come in my arms every time I moved. Without suffering the heat, I felt protected because the jacket prevented my shoulders and arms to get burned. So, after the photo shoot and having tested the jacket under the hot Roman sun, I decided that the same outfit was good for a summer wedding ceremony.
In Italy the wedding celebration is held in the church. In that place, you can wear long or short dress but there is a rule to follow: have your shoulders covered. The summer can be quite hot in Italy , so, wearing a long sleeve garment or a light scarf, it’s uncomfortable. Also, it is not easy to find something not too wintery and at the same time cute to match your party dress. Now that I have the samurai mode jacket, I don’t have that problem anymore. The Jacket is made of fine materials, it is very light, and it has the perfect length. I wear it with a floral dress in pastel colors and spiral twist sandals. The samurai mode jacket in ivory gives to the outfit an elegant and sophisticated touch. I put my hair up in a bun and I wear only a simple pair of earrings in order to clearly show the jacket and all its details.

3. Saturday afternoon walk style

-Crop Top= Barbie
-Jeans= Lee
-Jacket= KUDEN by Takahiro Sato
-Bag= Killah
-Sandals= Forever 21
-Necklace & earrings= Vintage

At the end of the working week, I like going out for walks in the afternoon before it gets dark. For my relaxing walks I wear casual clothes. My number one choice is a pair of high waist jeans. They can go with everything and they can be casual or turning smart according to what you decide to wear with. I love pink and most of the times I wear something of that color. The crop top in the picture is one of the favorite item that I own. I bought it 4 years ago in Harajuku at the Barbie store. When I was a child Barbie was the toy that I used to play with the most. When I saw the store where I could have found life-sized Barbie clothing, I couldn’t resist to go in and buy something. Since the store was about to close permanently, everything was 90% off. I chose the pink check crop top. Too cute not to buy. If you only wear the crop top with jeans, the outfit looks like it is missing something. So, to stay casual but more stylish, I also wear my samurai mode jacket. With its simplicity and elegance, every outfit becomes more beautiful and original. Moreover, if you decide to spend more time out without going home and change your outfit, you look perfect for the night as well. I wear sandals and bag in pink and accessories of darker color to contrast all that pink. I chose to wear the samurai mode jacket in ivory because I love how it goes with blue jeans. As you can see, the samurai mode jacket is very versatile. It is perfect for day and night, for casual and elegant looks, and it can be worn by people of all ages. It is ideal for a woman but would also suit a teenager.

Stylist&Model&Writer: Irene
Illustration: Tak & Asami

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