Designer’s Voice #3

Designer’s Voice #3 - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Story, voice from Takahiro Sato who is a designer of KUDEN. Thoughts as designer, dailylife and practice for “ethical”.

July 27, 2019
Yano Sena
PR / Voice actor

Hello everyone.
We’ll introduce you the history of Takahiro Sato as designer.
It's last part of designer's voice!

Designer’s Voice #3

A part of kimono called "tamoto"

-When is the start as designer for you?

When I was a child, I like create something, take something apart and check how it is.Sometime my mother had trouble because I took all watch and toy in my home apart.
I could take it to pieces but couldn’ t set up because I’ m very small.The dream of that boy was design of cars.
But my family was not rich.Even I have good marks, studying industrial design on college was not come true.
Of course I considered about scholarship but I saw my mother’ s hardship from I was child so I selected the vocational school because I can start to work just after graduation.I studied the structure and maintenance of car on school of some big Japanese automobile manufacturer. Learning of structure of car affects on my interests and philosophy of my design, I think.
A car is made up of over 30000 parts, include very tiny screw.It’ s designed as even that very tiny screw has own role and function.This is awesome.No parts has not function. I feel it was more exciting experience for me than studying product design on dest at college.
Moving my body, touch, smell, feel their weight ... I can feel the importance of that tiny parts has own role through my five sense.After that, I did thoughtless act on feeling although I was immature.Dropped out of school and went to Tokyo to come true my another dream, musician.Even though I selected a school for my mother, I couldn’ t give up what I want to challenge.After moved to Tokyo , I found the job, that was about design.Besides acting as struggling band, I worked as assistant produce at game company.

-You carrier is very complicated, isn't it?

Yes, I have such a strange career so I recently call myself designer first time.I was producer or art directer before.
I didn’ t study on art school or college, under famous designer, I study by myself through my experience.
I think I discriminate myself because of inferiority complex in my heart.I haven’ t study design, I didn’ t walk on standard road of designer.And other reason is by rebellion attitude.I’ m not same as such a designer! I thought so, I was small person despite have worked with many designers.
But my son and staffs gave me courage.When I start to challenge to design the first clothes for KUDEN, I called myself “designer” . I made up my mind that I make it my work as designer.
Yes, like samurai.
I did many things, planed the project, design, wrote the script ... now I think about it, I began to learn how to create something from zero.After that, I worked on some game company.Advertisement, web site... engaged in design. Through the experience that starting a design company and closed because of my overwork, now I manage the design
company named Gerbera design.And I star this KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO because I decide to make the place to work with my autistic son now living apart.

-Please tell us your design philosophy.

My design philosophy is affected by my experience that I learnt at automobile school, every parts even a very small screw has own role and function, designed they are so. I come to the realization that no useless parts is there. By such a feeling and other experience that creating something from zero base through making games, I define design as “ the means to archive aims” .I think there are also a lot of people who think that design is “to make it beauty or cool visually” , not the important concept that “Why do we make this? Can this contribute to archive a part of our aim?” .
I’ m sure that visual presentation is also important but I think it’ s most important that focus on “what is the aim of the design must archive?” “Who do that, who is target?” ... I want to value on history and context, consider what is the concept, the essence and the aim of design.
This is the most interesting work of design and also difficult. These are my design philosophy and belief.
TAKAHIRO SATO because I decide to make the place to work with my autistic son now living apart.

-Who you want to wear your design?

For me, wearing clothes is the same thing to wear own second skin.Clothes express the air of the generation, a sense of value, hope, and wishes for the future to those who wear them.The flow of the times is very fast now,
I also live each day to the fullest as a manager, designer, and father. Sometimes I become discouraged under pressure and lose my beliefs and values.Everyone may be the same, I think...
When we feel so, by wearing these clothes,Straightening myself,Standing on my feet and having a spirit like the samurai."OK, I can do it; I believe in myself." “Put my heart into each action.” To express such a feeling for you and me,I named these clothes “Samurai.” You have seen at least once before.Japanese animation, manga, samurai drama.Samurai, lived with own strong spirit and belief. “I am just modern Samurai.” “Strong, affectionate, stick to my guns, Samurai is me.” Yes, you become to be modern Samurai.
I would like to bring the Samurai Mode series to the people of the world.For your important business scene,For your memorable day,Even for your ordinary day,I want you to wear them as a part of you to express your feelings and beliefs.In such very busy days,Work hard for someone who is precious to you,Live with strong beliefs and values and have the will to carry on.For such people in the world, regardless of age, nation, or gender,I’ m happy if they wear my clothes. I think you can feel the power of design when you wear.From now on,I continue to produce and design the clothes based on my these philosophy.
Even it’ s a small brand, I keep trying with Samurai spirit.

How about Tak's interview? He has a story a lot and we'll keep you posted his voice !


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