Dignified kimono silhouette and a sense of fun that customizable as you like to you

Samurai Mode Juban Shirt

Designer designed Juban Shirt with my thoughts that 

"How to express the joy of kimono, combination with textile and color by kimono and half collar, as modern clothes"

"How to take S silhouette of kimono in and make use of it”.

Also put the hope that want customer to wear long time without boring.

Each shirt include basic Han-eri parts made by same fabric with shirt.

You can put on and off easily by hook and loop fastener so you can customize your shirt by those Han-eri parts and enjoy as many kinds of outfits even though it's just 1 shirt.

What do you like best together?

Left ) Basic Han-eri parts include each shirt on shirt 

Right) Lace Han-eri parts on shirt

Left) Black lace Han-eri parts on White shirt 

Right)White lace Han-eri parts on Black shirt

*This Attachable Lace collar is sold separately.

The Han-eri parts made by vintage kimono and haori that we can’t wear anymore because of dirty (Now under development)

As ethical approach, we're now developing the vintage Han-eri parts , remake the vintage kimono and haori that we can’t wear anymore because of dirty as Han-eri parts. It's easy on-off by hook and loop fastener.

These vintage Han-eri parts has also hook and loop fastener , you can take on and off easily.

But each vintage Han-eri has limited fabric because the material is each kimono and haori, we need many time and cost to make them. We now develop them and let you know in latest news on SNS and Newsletter.

Q. Why we make the vintage Han-eri parts?

A. Not dispose storing away, make the restart as Han-eri parts.

We have sold vintage kimono and haori to all over the world because there are many kimono stock in the closet , not wore anymore and it’s equivalent to 30-40 trillion yen.

But in those stock, there are vintage that we can’t wear them because it has too dirty part.

Not throw away them, make the restart as Han-eri parts , reuse the kimono is connect to take care for environment and resources.

We want to use kimono that someone used with love and pass to us as long as possible.

We put those thoughts to vintage Han-eri parts and now develop it.

Juban Shirt & Options


KUDEN global Ambassador


To tell more joy of kimono to the world, we welcome our global ambassador Misamaru who enjoys many styles with kimono, from traditional to modern, from bottom of her heart.


Desinger's Voice

Designer Tak talks about inspiration of Juban Shirt, reason to design and how to select the size. Also about attachable half collar made by vintage haori&kimono now under development and first information about his newest design.

Special Thanks!

Photo by Arai Nobuyuki