One of our answer for reduce mass-disposal finally reaches Japanese traditional "GOFUKUYA"
that makes clothes one by one for you as custom order.

For each customer, makes only one clothes for them.

Like Japanese old time GOFUKUYA, But also everyone in the world can enjoy in current daily life.

KUDEN starts new evaluated GOFUKUYA, named “GOFUKUYA3.0”

To your preference,Make only one for you

We can make "right product at the right time" without unnecessary stock because begin to make product after customer order.

Because you customer cooperate with KUDEN, we can realize this ethical approach to big problem "mass production and mass waste" in apparel business world.

Also, because make one by one for each order, we can realize custom order according to you like.

What’s GOFUKUYA3.0 ?

GOFUKUYA is like a “order made Japanese clothes shop”. It is said that the origin is in Edo period.

They made Japanese clothes, kimono, one be one from a bolt of fabric. In Edo period, they used only silk but nowadays they use many kinds of fabric.

We set such a old GOFUKUYA as GOFUKUYA1.0.

These days, online shop become very popular all over the world and many people can buy kimono.

We set those online kimono shop as GOFUKUYA2.0.

On the other hand, KUDEN redesign kimono as platform for our daily life, it’s not need difficult KITSUKE (how to wear kimono)

Remain the good point for GOFUKUYA, customer can customize kimono by their own preference, but sell suitable product for our daily life like Samurai Mode.

KUDEN names it “GOFUKUYA3.0”.

Why KUDEN can become GOFUKUYA3.0

We can say that it's completely because “Tak redesigns kimono as Next Kimono that not need difficult KITSUKE(how to wear kimono).”

Nowadays, as we said before, it’s possible to buy kimono on internet. Also we can say kimono is getting popular in the world.

If people has interests on kimono buy kimono by online shop…

How they wear kimono by themselves?

It’s difficult to wear kimono, in Japan there is a class for study how to wear kimono.We don't want them to get disappoint if they can’t wear their longing one.

So if they study from friends or video and can wear kimono…

Where they go wearing kimono to?

Where we can go wearing formal kimono is limited.

Wedding ceremony, watching a play/stage…it’s a few times in a year. If they don’t have opportunity to go somewhere they can go wearing kimono, their kimono sleeps in closet.

But Next Kimono designed by Tak is carried on kimono spirits but in addition it’s designed to be not need difficult wearing technique.

For our daily life, use soft fabric to wear anywhere, easy and comfortable to wear , add pockets both front and inner side, sewing by western technique e.t.c.

Because Next Kimono doesn’t need difficult wearing technique, GOFUKUYA3.0 can offer “ customer can go wearing today-kimono that customize for own preference” to people in the world.

First, people experience goodness of kimono through Next Kimono, next we want them to be able to wear kimono…and finally make more works to sewing kimono. This is our ethical hope for GOFUKUYA3.0.

KUDEN Mission statement

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