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Henry Ferland


Job:Old guitar player
Age: 16 years old

Please introduce yourself

—I am a 16 year old guitar player based in New York, I play little concerts every week with the hope to broaden my musical knowledge and experiences. I hope to attend Berklee School of Music after high school

♪I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

♪My favorite things

“practice makes perfect”

〜About Henry〜

Favorite book
—The White Mountains

Favorite movie
—The Princess Bride

Favorite music
—Jazz, Finger-style, blues, rock, hip-hop

Favorite color
— Blue

Favorite food
— Sushi

Where do you want to go in the world?
— I want to be a professional guitarist and play all around the world

Who is your respect the most?

—I have to most respect for my parents

What was your dream when you were a child?

— I used to dream about being a musician

What are you now obsessed with?

— Right now I am obsessed with trying to learn as much as I can with guitar so I can go to college for guitar playing.

What is your dream for now?

—My dream right now is to get ready to go to college for guitar playing and then after that, become a professional guitar player and tour around the world playing shows and living life.

Why did you select these HAORI?

— I selected these HAORI because i thought they were the most elegant and chic.

Only one HAORI in the world Henry select

“Flower circle crest lacquer Haori”


Henry Ferland I like music. 16 years old guitar player ••~NPHS ~••. Sc- henry-moses.

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