Samurai Mode Series
Japanese Mode
by 3-piece kimono style

着物をいつか着てみたい、着物は着れるけど忙しくてなかなか着物を着られない人の為に #着物を愛する人のための洋服 を作るデザイナーが送る #和モード ブランド。素材とシルエットにとことんこだわり、着物の楽しみや魅力をどうやったら洋服で再現できるかを追求。

For my son with moderate mental retardation and autism now living apart,

make the place where I work with him in the future.

This is the reason why I start KUDEN.

I designed Samurai Mode Series inspired by kmy mother's kimono that she left.

I wanted to wear that kimono but I couldn't because I don't have skill to wear.

Also I realize that climates are changed and we living in modern life is too busy days because of bringing up a child and caregiving to wear kimono as daily wear.

But I hope to wear so changed my mind to “ Can I make the kimono style clothes that we can enjoy in daily life ? ” and began to study a pattern and sewing. This is the beginning.

Now Samurai Mode Series is loved as the first clothes for having interests on traditional kimono by young people and people in the world who love kimono and Japanese culture.

My aim/goal is to have the sewing factory for both Western and Japanese sewing technique in Nikko and realize employment for people with disabilities.


Look book

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Global Ambassador MISAMARU

The special page for KUDEN's Global ambassador Misamaru with Samurai Mode Series

Samurai Mode PV "ReAct"

The PV that expresses the feelings and belief of Samurai Mode Series

KUDEN Mission statement

#Fashion At The Expense Of Others Is A Really Cool?