Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt
Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt

Samurai Mode Vneck Tshirt

Size chart

This is common size for both Japan and all world. It’s KUDEN original size chart. It may be bigger or smaller usual clothes so please make sure you check the size chart before order.
If you have question about size, please use our KUDEN Concierge(Chat) service.
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Material 100% cotton ( Non-Xinjiang cotton )
Care -When you use wash machine
You can use wash machine.

- When you dry
Please get the wrinkles out as possible as you can and hang it up. Do not use dryer because shirt may lost its shape.

- When you use iron
Please do not iron by high temperature. You don’t need press cloth but warm iron. If it gets hard wrinkles, wet a little by spray. If you use hot iron on wet fabric, it may damage.

- How to keep it good
If you use hanger, please keep it without directly sunshine.

The place of production Made in Japan

We can NOT combine custom order products, order products and pre-order products with other products. It incur shipping cost each purchase because it will be shipped different date from usual purchase.
If you want us to combine it, please tell us. If we can, we ship it in accordance with latest date.

●We ship from Japan
●Shipping cost based on where delivered your purchase.
[Japan] JPY 1280. (For mask, it's JPY 370.00)
[Rest of the world]
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Please understand those payment situation.

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・We reply within 3 business day in Japanese time except special leave, in that case we announce at our blog.

Basically we're not accepting product returns, exchange and refund due to customer's request.

Especially for order production, basically no-refundable. 
We need to keep, buy, ask, weave and dye cloth for you. Please understand that matter before you buy.

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This is not only 100% cotton but also high quality fabric

High-quality fabric with UV protection and contact cooling sensation despite being made of 100% cotton.

Cool and high class shape

Not too much wide-open collar, cool and high class shape.
Designed silhouette to look Japanese Mode style more sharp.

Designers thought deeply about the design and pattern

Difference between ordinary T-shirt and ours, ordinary one is box-silhouette but ours is a little more tight.
In stead of that, Designers thought deeply about the design and pattern to seems more sharp when you wear.
We have 5 size, XS to XL. We’re glad if you check the size chart and pick up a size that you looks most beautiful.

Cotton 100% Non-Xinjiang cotton

The fabric is 100% cotton.
We confirm with our fabric maker that this fabric is not a Xinjiang cotton.
This is not only 100% cotton but also high quality, UV cut and cool touch fabric.
If high brand make T-shirt made by this fabric, its price will be over 14,000 JPY. 

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