Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -
Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -

Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE -

Size chart

This is common size for both Japan and all world. It’s KUDEN original size chart. It may be bigger or smaller usual clothes so please make sure you check the size chart before order.
If you have question about size, please use our KUDEN Concierge(Chat) service.

Points for choosing the size of Samurai Mode Skirt - HAKKAKE - 〜Waist〜

This video explains the actual skirt while looking at it.
Although you cannot see it from the front, the back is actually elastic.
This elastic makes it convenient to wear and off and comfortable.
The figures on the size chart are with the elastic not stretched.
Please choose the size that best suits your style, whether you want to wear them at the waist or at the high waist.

And if you have any size concerns, feel free to contact us!
Female customers can feel free to contact us as our female staff will be happy to assist you.
※Please note that it may take some time for the video to be displayed.

Below is a video of the dressing showing the difference between tight and flared.

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Face side: 100% recycled polyester
Inner side: 100% polyester

How to care -You can wash by your hand.

- When you use iron
Please do not iron by high temperature. You don’t need press cloth but warm iron. If it gets hard wrinkles, wet a little by spray. If you use hot iron on wet fabric, it may damage.

- How to keep it good
If you use hanger, please keep it without directly sunshine.
The place of production Made in Japan

Comparison table of Samurai Mode Jacket

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Basically we're not accepting product returns, exchange and refund due to customer's request.

Especially for order production, basically no-refundable. 
We need to keep, buy, ask, weave and dye cloth for you. Please understand that matter before you buy.

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What you wear Samurai Mode

Clothes express the air of the generation, a sense of value, hope, and wishes for the future to those who wear them.

In now the flow of the times is very fast,
To the people who work hard for someone who is precious to you,Live with strong beliefs and values and have the will to carry on.For such people in the world, regardless of age, nation, or gender, By wearing this jacket, Straightening myself, Standing on my feet and having a spirit like the samurai.
"OK, I can do it; I believe in myself." “Put my heart into each action.”
To express such a feeling for you and me,I named these clothes “Samurai.”

You have seen at least once before.Japanese animation, manga, samurai drama.Samurai, lived with own strong spirit and belief. “I am just modern Samurai.” “Strong, affectionate, stick to my guns, Samurai is me.” Yes, you become to be modern Samurai.

Bring the Samurai Mode Jacket to the people of the world.For your important business scene,For your memorable day,Even for your ordinary day, We want you to wear them as a part of you to express your feelings and beliefs.

3 pieces kimono style of Japanese - 和 - Mode

Samurai Mode Series is our Next kimono by 3 pieces kimono style without special technique to wear.
This is the clothes for people who loves kimono.

Winner of A’Design Award 2022 that one of the most biggest international design competition in social category from Italy.

What is HAKKAKE?

Hakkake is one of the parts used in a traditional kimono.It is attached to the inside of the hem and cuffs, and is glimpsed when a person moves, such as when walking lightly or when moving one's hands through the cuffs.It not only adds color to the appearance of the kimono, but also plays a practical role in protecting the outer fabric from friction with the hands and feet that move around a lot.In traditional kimonos, the Hakkake, which is especially subject to a lot of friction, could be worn out, and by replacing and re-tailoring only the Hakkake, the kimono could be worn with care for a long time.You can enjoy dressing in various styles with color combinations, such as using the same color for the outer fabric and Hakkake, or daring to use a different color to make it stand out.

The skirt comes in two designs: flared and tight

Both are unisex designs. The wrap skirt style design is inspired by the way the hem of a kimono is worn.

Unisex design with kimono silhouette

This is a unisex design that can be enjoyed by both men and women regardless of gender.The photo shows a female model (166cm) and a male model (169cm) wearing the size S tight skirt.

Change the silhouette according to your style & feeling by changing the position of the buttons

Fasten with the top button for a mode skirt.Fastening it with the lower button gives the skirt more asymmetry and movement.The upper button version of the tight skirt can be worn with other Samurai Mode Series items such as jackets and shirts for a more kimono-like silhouette.

Skirts that redesign the joys of the traditional Japanese kimono into a single piece of clothes

The actual structure of the skirt is made by wrapping a covering cloth around the skirt, so you can wear it without worrying that the wrap will come undone.The side slits allow you to run or walk up stairs without constricting your body, so you can enjoy active styles even in today's busy life.

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