Restart shipping to some country and New shipping price

Thank you so much for always support us.
We have announcement about shipping to the world.


・Restart to shipping to some other country including USA

・New shipping price



Restart to shipping to some other country including USA

We stop shipping to some country due to epidemic in the world but today we restart shipping to countries in below list.
・United States of America

*But still has delay compared with before, please understand we need a time to deliver.

EMS by Japan Post still stop shipping to those counties but we decide to ship by Yamato transport to those 3 countries.

So they has different price system. For sample, we think when you buy 1 and 2 need same shipping fee by Yamato Transport.
We're happy if you enjoy our products.


New shipping price

We change the service for shipping and set the new shipping price sheet according to them.

 We use 2 service for shipping ( it depends on delivery country, you can't choose )


・EMS by Japan Post
・International TA-Q-BIN by Yamato Transport

We used only International ePacket for shipping but due to this change, we set the new shipping fee.
Some change for area but EMS and International TA-Q-BIN is faster shipping service than ePacket.
Also we will change the price if word situation change.
We hope as many people as possible can enjoy our product so we decide this new system. We're happy if you understand.


▼Shipping price is here