Friend Promotion

Friend Promotion - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Enjoy outfits in a combination of Japanese and Western-styles with your friends and family!
Friend Promotion

Thank you so much for always support and enjoy KUDEN.
We are the brand that to remain the Japanese kimono culture and make the job for artisans of both Western and Japanese dressmaking, by making more opportunity that people in the world and young age touch the kimono culture.
Also thoroughly commit to publish the cost for our product with transparency to protect working environment of sewing factory.
Because why is Designer Takahiro Sato start this KUDEN to make the place to work with his son with disability in the future. In the working environment that factory and artisans are also happy, we want to connect traditional artisans and employment for disable people as where pass the culture and technique to next.
If as many people as possible to know the KUDEN and support, we couldn’t be happier.

As thanks return to you and your friends, we gift a coupon to you two.

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