Complete shipping for My First Japanese crowdfunding Makuake supporters

Hello , It’s Designer Tak.

Yesterday, We shipped all Samurai Mode Juban Shirt and Samurai Mode Pants II for supporters of Makuake that was our first Japanese crowdfunding project. Sewing factory Studio F, Marron team who support and make option parts like half collar , Sunwell who responsible for finish up press and quality inspection, a lot of people support us and finally reach this day.

From today customers get product, think about if they like or not, I and staff have butterflies in my stomach.

Due to Makuake’s rule, we couldn’t start to sell those products before shipping for Makuake customers so now we can sell Juban Shirt, Pants II and lace option like half collar on our web site.

We’re still small brand and can not have in many stock so KUDEN started some approach that receive the order before produce.

・Pre tailor-made
・Custom order

Some way needs a time to arrive at the customers but these new approach can realize to that don’t put a heavy burden on sewing factory and don’t need mass production though we are small brand.

I’m happy if Makuake supporters enjoy clothes in those good spring days.
Thank you so much again for your support.