【Introduction】MONPE Pants

【Introduction】MONPE Pants - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Hello! This is Asami of KUDEN staff.
Today, we would like to introduce "Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants (a.k.a. MONPE Pants)"!

The sportiest product in KUDEN's history!
The newest addition to the Samurai Mode series is...no longer Samurai, but Ninja!

●Multifunctional stretch fabric is used.
Adopts stretch fabric with a UV shielding rate of 90, water absorbency, quick-drying properties, and a cooling contact feeling.
The fabric has a dry touch texture that can also be used for sports activities.


●Long inseam for ease of movement
Stretch fabric with an elastic silhouette that narrows at the ankle for ease of movement.
The design also pursues ease of movement and crouching by taking a wide inseam.


●There is both elastic and string, and belt loops.
"I hate it when I put my phone or other heavy small items in my pockets and they slip out!"
If you are such a person, you can wear it with a belt for a comfortable fit.


●Double-layered structure around the knees to prevent holes
The knee area is sewn with a double-layered structure to prevent tearing of the knee as much as possible.


●Easy-fitting waist structure
The waist has more elastic for an easy fit.
The front has a clean and neat waist, but only the back has elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.


●Home care :  OK
Can be gently hand-washed and ironed at home.



●Designed to look beautiful at shorter lengths
The length is designed to look beautiful when it is nine to eight lengths depending on the wearer.



●The double shirring is accentuated to prevent the garment from slipping out of place!
The hem is shirred for a tight fit. It is accented like a leg bond motif.

Lightness that makes you want to dance.

Here to see the full MONPE Pants Dance!
Please check it out for a reference on how to wear the MONPE Pants.

▼MONPE pants size S wearing video
(Stretch jacket size S is worn over staff's personal black hoodie)


How was it?
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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