Designer's Recommendations

Designer's Recommendations - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Hello everyone. This is Takahiro Sato, aka Tak, the designer.
Thank you very much for your support and for adding the project to your favorites!

We are currently holding an order event on our website to celebrate the debut of our new clothing line.

I have received feedback from customers that they would like to wear KUDEN clothes every day, so I have been working on designing clothes that are simple and easy to care for.

The first project was for the business scene.
It is a Japanese business set-up that is a fusion of a kimono and a suit.
The set-up consists of a simple, stretchy haori style jacket, monpe & hakama pants that can be worn everyday.

The second project is Japanese outdoor play clothes 【Work Jacket & MONPE Pants】, which includes Japanese style for outdoor activities, home gardening, and everyday wear for hobbies.

We will introduce our recommendations for each item of clothing.

【Item 1】
Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket

A haori-like jacket made of stretch fabric that is easy to move in. It has a feature that allows you to roll up the kimono sleeves with buttons, so you can simply roll them up and snap them back down when they get in the way of your business activities. It also has a “Chi" for attaching a traditional haori cord, so you can attach a haori cord that matches your style. A pocket is also included so you can store your smartphone.

The same fabric is used for MONPE pants and hakama pants, so if you mix and match with your favorite silhouette or get two types of bottoms, you can easily rotate your own style without getting tired of it.

【item 2】
Samurai Mode Stretch HAKAMA Pants

Designed to meet the needs of our customers who want to wear KUDEN's flagship Samurai Mode Pants II (2-way Hakama and Nobakama style with a feature to wear them at the pelvis and waist) more easily every day.
We removed the difficult structure and made the hakama easy to wear and exquisitely thick to give you the best hakama experience. The fabric is stretchy and the waist is elegant in the front but elastic in the back to make it easy to wear.
Walk with a stretch jacket to wind through!

【item 3】
Samurai Mode Stretch Work Jacket

I wear it every day as a field test for the use of work jackets for Japanese outside play clothes.
You can wear it formal, but since it is made of cotton fabric, on the contrary, I think it has become a garment that can be worn out with gusto and enjoy the aging process of staining and grazing.
Also, we would like to introduce in detail the red stitching accent and the lining, which can be selected from three types of Japanese patterns, which are difficult to show in a photograph.
There are three types of Japanese patterns to choose from.
Japanese patterns are designed at the neck and inside pockets of the lining, and in places where they can be seen when the sleeves are rolled up.
The kimono collar is made of the same stretch fabric as the monpe pants, and the collar is made of different fabrics to look beautiful and soft.
I designed the work jacket as a modern samue, because I wanted to have cool Japanese clothes that are different from others while feeling Japanese style for housework, camping, vegetable gardening, and so on.
It also has many pockets.

Since it is difficult to understand only by text, we will explain it with images!

【item 4】
Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants

The MONPE pants have also been field tested and are easy to move in.
Not only is the fabric stretchy and water-absorbent and quick-drying, but the design also pursues ease of movement and crouching by making the crotch wider. The fabric is double-layered to increase the strength of the knee area, which is a concern because of the slipping and squatting.
I have several pairs of MONPE pants, but in this day of smartphones, if you put your phone or other items in the pockets, the weight of the elastic or string-fastening waist will cause them to slide down, and even though they are supposed to be work clothes, you can't get any work done because you are worried about them falling down.... We have designed MONPE pants that solve this problem.
With both elastic and ties, and belt loops, these pants are versatile enough to be worn both easily and beautifully as outside wear, depending on the situation.

A series of outfits that can be worn casually in everyday life without overemphasizing the Japanese style. It is also easy to care for every day. Why don't you add this series to your active and Japanese-loving lifestyle?

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