Tak’s interview on web media who supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for your always support end enjoy KUDEN.

We announce that our designer Tak's interview is published on "Japan Up Close" which English platform which supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


What's Japan Up Close?

Just as there are 100 different "Japans" to 100 different people, we will bring to you contents from a wide range of genres in many different forms through this platform. We hope that all people will use their experiences with this platform to find their own personal Japan, and can feel even closer to the culture and people that constitute the country we call Japan.
- from website https://japanupclose.web-japan.org/about.html


Tak talks about why he started KUDEN, inspiration of Samurai Mode Series and future plan.
Let's check and hear his history and philosophy.

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