Media published : Interview for Designer Tak by Turkish Author

Media published : Interview for Designer Tak by Turkish Author - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

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We announce that interview of our Designer Takahiro Sato is published in 3 language.




Interviewer Özlem Burcu Öztürk
Her book will be published in Japan on September 2020

Interviewer is Özlem Burcu Öztürk.

She is a Author, Culture Blogger, Scriptwriter, Documentary Director.


To establish a bridge of culture between Japan and Turkey, she has written articles on her website and online magazine.

Also she publishes 3 books and her 3rd book “The Guardians Series Book 1 - Dream” will be published in Japanese.

Why she publishes in Japanese is

I have interests on Japanese culture. Also movie and music too. On my blog, I share what I learn about Japanese culture day after day.

Or rather Japanese culture is the source of my energy.

- from (Japanese)


Let’s see Tak by her view , familiar with and love Japanese culture.



【English ▼  Interview: Award-Winning Kimono Designer Sato TAKAHIRO】


 【Turkish ▼ Röportaj:Ödüllü Kimono Tasarımcısı Sato TAKAHIRO】


Japanese ▼ インタビュー: アワード受賞着物デザイナー 佐藤貴浩】