Designer Sato gave a talks and lecture for CCV, Japanese welfare center in Tochigi

Today, through KUDEN Charity, Designer Takahiro Sato gave a lecture&talks to the users of CCV, a non-profit organization that operates a support center for continuous employment support type B and a transitional employment program under the theme of "living in the community" in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture.

We had heard in advance that CCV values the "likes" and interests of its barbers, such as fashion, games, and music, as part of their circle activities, so we asked him about how he started KUDEN, how he gave up college to work for a game company after coming from a poor family, and how he found employment at a game company. He talked for about 2 hours about how he started KUDEN, how he came from a poor family and gave up college to work at a game company, and how he learned design skills by himself. The second half of the lecture was a talk about how he taught himself design skills to the audience.

In the latter half of the event, everyone had the opportunity to try on KUDEN clothes as they pleased.
Although the audience was diverse in age and gender, everyone seemed to enjoy wearing the Samurai Mode.
We regret that we cannot show you their pictures for privacy reasons...!

One of the users said, "I want to earn money to buy KUDEN clothes someday," to which Sato happily replied, "I will continue to make the same clothes with the theme of designs that can be loved for 10 years, and I am looking forward to that day.
It made me think anew that we all want to keep KUDEN going for a long time.

We would like to thank the staff of CCV and all the visitors for their valuable time.