Subscriber limited coupons 【凛rin life 】 Vol.002

Subscriber limited coupons  【凛rin life 】 Vol.002 - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

In this mail magazine, 【KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO】 will send you topics such as Japanese culture including kimono, fashion, lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes stories of creators every Friday, written by fashion designer Takahiro Sato.
I became a fashion designer at the age of 43 to create a place to work with my son who has a disability, and I am challenging myself as a creator and manager to go overseas. I will share with you my personal viewpoints and perspectives that I cannot easily share on my website.


┃K┃U┃D┃E┃N┃【 凛rin life 】
/ Issued 3rd Feb., 2023 /


… 1. News
… 2. Catch up
… 3. The World of Bunraku Ningyo Joruri  - a Traditional Japanese Performing Art -  02
… 4. Original serialization for KUDEN Charity , Novel “KUDEN Samurai Sword Jam”
… 5. Q&A
… 6. Media & Serials


■ 1. News


#Clothes for people who love kimonos #Japanese Modestyle

KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO is a brand created to get people interested in traditional kimono with a modern kimono style that does not need special dressmaking.

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In February, we will hold an order-taking event for jackets and pants II for a limited time.This time, we will accept orders for the Samurai Mode Jacket, which is made of luxurious triacetate fabric in black, only in limited quantities.

It has been about a year since we have accepted orders for triacetate models.

Due to the Shanghai lockdown and the situation in Ukraine and Russia, the production of triacetate fabrics has decreased due to soaring raw material prices and a temporary halt in exports, and there has been some competition among manufacturers, so we have not been able to produce this model very often.

As KUDEN calls for a three-piece Japanese mode that looks like a kimono, we have received many inquiries from customers who use our jackets and pants as single items, asking if we can produce pants and jackets in the same fabrics.

This time, we were able to get only one roll of black triacetate because another manufacturer cancelled the fabric that they had kept. (In the Japanese apparel industry, we use the word "barasu", which means to take something that is already in place and break it apart, i.e., discard it once it is in place).

One roll of fabric is about 50m, depending on the fabric. 2 to 3m is the length needed to make a jacket or pants, so the production will be limited to about 10 jackets and 10 pants. (Because the required length of fabric changes depending on the size, etc.)

If you miss this opportunity, it is undecided when we will be able to make triacetate models, so if you've been after one for a while, don't miss out on this opportunity!

Of course, we will also be accepting orders for the Samurai Mode Eco series jackets and pants II, which can be washed at home and are environmentally friendly.

Also, we will be accepting custom orders for the Triacetate and Eco model jackets, which can be made with any color combination of lining fabrics.

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【February Order Event Samurai Mode Jacket&Samurai Mode Pants II】

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Would you like to enjoy Spring wind with Samurai Mode Jacket?

Depending on the number of orders received and the status of the sewing factory, you will receive your order as early as April or as late as May. (*This is just a shipping date. For overseas customers, it will take one or two weeks for Yamato overseas parcel service and Japan Post to complete delivery.)

Please feel free to contact our concierge with any questions about sizes, etc. (Please use e-mail, LINE, messenger, or SNS DM!)
This will be the earliest we can deliver your order, excluding items currently in stock.
We hope you will consider this if you are interested.

In the e-mail magazine of February 10 (Fri.), we will announce the pre-order sales of Samurai Mode Shirt II KASANE for March production (scheduled for delivery in April), which has been well received both in Japan and overseas.
The delivery will be in the season when short sleeves are just right.
We hope you will look forward to it.


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Ordering Page
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Go to KUDEN website

■ 2. Catch up

Hello everyone. I am Takahiro Sato, a.k.a. Tak, the designer.
This week, I have been writing a mail magazine, managing production for the February order event, and designing a new model "Samurai Mode Kimono Gown" (tentative name).

デザインラフ Samurai Mode Gown

The keywords for this Kimono Gown are...
・One piece can be used in both Western and Japanese styles.
・It can be combined with other existing KUDEN clothes.
・Customers who want to try on kimonos from other countries can enjoy the kimono style in one piece.
・I want to make a universal design that can be worn in both hot and cold seasons, just by changing the fabric, like a traditional kimono.
・Incorporate a gimmick that allows the embroidery of the Samurai Mode Linen Light Jacket to be rolled up.
・Add pockets
・Make a slim silhouette like Samurai Mode Jacket.

Currently, I have finished preparing reference materials for the structure based on the design rough draft, created a cloth mock-up to show the structure, and asked Ms. Tanigawa, a patterner who has supported my clothes from the pattern stage for many years, to help me with the design.
I am now working on a design based on the Samurai Mode Linen Light Jacket, which was created with Ms. Tanigawa and was born in response to a request from a person from a hot country.
We are planning to ask them to raise the toilets, and we will be the first to publish pictures of the toilets in our mail magazine as soon as they are taken.
After this, we will go through pattern → toile check → pattern revision → first sample sewing → pattern revision → second sample sewing → design completion → grading (size development), photoshooting models, and we are working on a plan to start crowdfunding in March.
We are looking forward to seeing you, and we would be happy to hear your comments and requests. (Please send your comments to the mail form).

Thanks for reading.
See you next time.


■ 3. What is traditional Japanese culture?|Performing arts, crafts, events, food, clothing, and housing

During the Edo period (1603-1868), many artisans, including woodworkers, moved to Nikko when the Nikko Toshogu Shrine was being built.
I was born in such a place, and in my childhood, I had a lot of contact with various artisans. There was a skilled knife smith who lived in the neighborhood where I was born and raised, and he took care of me from a young age and taught me how to forge knives.
This experience is the starting point of inspiration for my designs, as I love to make things.
Japanese traditional culture. I will introduce the arts, crafts, events, clothing, food, and shelter from a designer's point of view.

【The World of Ningyo Joruri Bunraku - a Traditional Japanese Performing Art -】02

Ningyo Joruri Bunraku.
Ningyo joruri (puppet theater) was created by combining joruri, the art of storytelling in which stories are told and listened to with instruments such as the shamisen and biwa, with the art of puppet performance.
※Ningyo joruri was born from the joruri, a form of oral literature, music, or performing arts that originated in medieval Japan.
※Joruri is a type of music for the theater in which the shamisen is used as an accompaniment and the tayu recites lyrics.

There are three roles that make up Ningyo Joruri Bunraku puppet theater. They are called “Sangyo".
Sangyo" is a trinity of comprehensive entertainment consisting of the tayu, shamisen player, and puppeteer.

・Tayu 太夫
Joruri narration. The basic role of a tayu is to tell a story, beginning with a description of a scene and then describing the various characters. It is easy to understand if you think of the role of a tayu as that of a modern narrator or voice actor.There are many types of joruri, but bunraku uses the gidayu-bushi style, which was originated by Takemoto Gidayu.

・Shamisen 三味線
The shamisen is used to control background music and sound effects. The seated posture is seiza, but with the knees spread and the buttocks completely down between the legs. The shamisen is intertwined with the gidayu-bushi and adds to the excitement of the story.

・Puppeteer 人形遣い
In ancient times, one puppeteer manipulated one puppet.
In 1734, three puppeteers were invented in “Ashiya Doman Ouchi Kagami”, and nowadays, three puppeteers usually manipulate a single puppet. The omozukai manipulates the kashira (head) and right hand, the left puppeteer manipulates the left hand, and the leg puppeteer manipulates the legs.
The breathing of the puppeteers is synchronized according to the signal of the omozukare, called “zu”.
The main actor is usually dressed in black, but in important scenes, the main actor sometimes exposes his face and is called “dezukai”.

Mr. Sakiju, who is a global ambassador for KUDEN, is the "Tayu" in the above.
In the next issue, we introduce the reason why Mr.Sakiju became a tayu, including a story from video interview.

To be continued next week.

Toyotake Sakiju Dayu Official web site



■ 4. Original serialization for KUDEN Charity , Novel “KUDEN Samurai Sword Jam”

Make the world just a little bit better by wearing your favorite "cool & kawaii" clothes!
KUDEN, a fashion brand founded by a father with a mentally handicapped and autistic son, and Japan's leading animators, manga artists, and illustrators collaborated for a charity project.

This novel is based on a charity that was started in 2021-2022 to create jobs at welfare centers for the handicapped and sewing factories with the help of animation and manga.

Animation Director Mr. Ryosuke Takahashi famous for Blue Comet SPT Layzner(Armored Trooper Votoms, Fang of the Sun Dougram) , Character Designer & Animator Mr. Moriyasu Taniguchi (Armored Trooper Votoms , Captain Tsubasa, Samurai Champloo ), a combination of the TV animation "Blue Comet SPT Layzner" (We also received supportive comments from mechanical designer Mr.Kunio Okawara), voice actors Mr.Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi from Naruto, Nyanko sensei from Natsume's Book of Friends ), Rune Sasaki (Alfine from Crusher Joe , Vanessa Layard from Macross), and other splendid animators, manga artists, and illustrator teachers who have drawn characters in KUDEN clothing. Their character designs are printed on KUDEN's clothes and bags. (Currently being re-prepared for permanent installation)

Its characters and worldview have been adapted into a novel by Takahiro Sato of KUDEN and serialized in Hobby Japan's Novel Up+! ( English version is publishedon Wattpad)

The story is about a father who is the last sword smith struggling for his disabled son.

Then, enjoy the part of Episode 01.

Novel 「KUDEN 口伝 -Samurai Sword Jam-」
Ep.01 "Iron Scraper" 02


"My son is  kidnapped! Stop such a easygoing talking, Can't wait anymore!"

"No, please calm down. I don't know unless you listen to the circumstances and information properly. What is katana? Why was it aimed at you? Anyway, we newcomers no match for them, so we can't do anything right for now."


Taka explains his situation and ask to Samurai-Dan , vigilante in this planet , for help. However, the Samurai-Dan, now a mere formality, knows of the opposition's reputation, and is only reluctant to do anything about it.

Taka rushed to open the door and shouts at the Okami, landlady of Nagaya, Japanese old style row house.

“Okami! Please give me what-I-entrust-you!”

“What's up? You look so intense…”

“Use Katana again? You know what happened before…”

Look he change color, Okami realizes what he thinks, 

“All right. Wait a minute.”

She turns to backroom and a few minutes later, bring back something important in cloth bag,

“Here you are. It’s yours.”

Okami pass the Katana in sword bag to him,  its blade is about 150cm.
Taka gets a firm grip on his Katana. His hand looks trembling.

“Never thought this day come, I must use you again…”


“What’s happen? Pretty noisy.”

Obaba, the old artisans and leader of sewing factory near here, who take care about Taka and Takeru are there.
Okami and they are only who knows Taka’s past, Obaba the old ladies, seeing Taka hold Katana in his hands at first glance, they understand something.


One of Obaba gird instructions to a factory girl.    
“Bring what we have fixed.“

Young girl run to the sewing factory.
She back to us, Obaba get something in Froshiki (Japanese wrap cloth) from her and thrust it into Taka’s chest.

“You, take it too!

We mend for you, what you wore before.”

In Taka’s hand, there are black Haori and Jacket folded carefully, the uniform of Samurai-Dan.
Taka smomentarily hesitated but put his arms through sleeves of haori.

“I know this is the best for you.”

“Go! Leave Take-bou to you!

His face have never been seen before,  runs like a wind with haori fluttering.
One man from Samurai-Dan who chicken out, Harada chase after Taka.

“Heyhey, Taka! What’s your this long stuff ?
So well-dressed.
Really can handle such a katana, Scraper!”

“Cut it out! Why the Swords smith can’t use what they make!

Zip your lips, give your hands!”

The man called Harada gives big laugh and understands, continue to follow Taka.

See the checking station in large wall of this burg.

“Shit, don’t bother me…”

“Count on me! You have a magic way to go through easily.  Somewhat, I am the leader of 10th squad.”


“Look there, Taka.

Isn’t it over there? There's a small ship of an unfamiliar type.”

“Harada, you stay here.”

“What the hell are you talking about? They are not one who you can handle on your own. According to reports from the young members of my group, they must be one of the gang that's notorious throughout the planets.”

“No, if it turns out I’m not alone, Takeru will be in danger. Harada was a bit intimidated by Taka's unusual determination and atmosphere.”

“OK. I'll take the back.”

“Count on you.”


The planet is governed by 196 large and small nations and is managed by seven space elevators.

The resources on this planet are scarcer than on Earth, where humans once lived.
Natural gas produced in small amounts from the planet and unknown energy sources not found on the earth were extracted and converted into electricity.
Since it is not possible to secure stable energy with those technology, the energy is provided by trading "energy cubes" (a new technology to generate and store energy) from other planets via space elevators.

Therefore, The country who own the space elevator

and entrusted with its management was in a position of power. Many factions were dissatisfied with their control of the space elevator and their monopoly on energy.
It is also a symbol of the balance of power on the planet.

The country developed by building fortifications to protect it from groups and countries that attacked the space elevator and the harsh natural environment.

Taka arrived at a dilapidated building that had been destroyed and abandoned by a terrorist attack, it was used as a fortress to defend a citadel before.
There is an open area in the ruins, and Taka proceeds to it and loudly announces himself.

“Takeru! Your Dad comes to help you!"

“Katana is here. Come out!"

Ep.01 "Iron Scraper" 02

To be continued...



■ 5.Q&A
We are looking for questions aboutKUDENclothing (care, coordinating, etc.) and what you would like to see us do as content in the future.Also, if you want to start up an apparel brand, become a creator of design, etc., or do business overseas, please send me your questions, and I will answer them in the mail magazine as much as possible.What about photographic equipment? What should I sell overseas? I want to be a creator! Please feel free to ask me any questions using the form below.

We are currently receiving questions about how to care for our clothes and what tools we use to design and otherwise work with them. We are planning to send you contents such as how to iron KUDEN clothes by staff SENA in the next issue.

Please mention “mail magazine Q&A Section” before sending your question.
Click here to ask us>>


■ 6.Media & Serials

Up-and-coming nFashion Magazine

SF adventure
Novel「KUDEN Samurai Sword Jam」

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