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/ Issued on 20th October, 2023 /


… 1. Catch up
… 2. News
… 3.Media & Serials and introduction of mail magazine serial-contents
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■ 1. Catch up

Hello everyone. This is Takahiro Sato, aka Tak, the designer.

This week has been a busy week for me as my father has to go to the hospital for cancer and dementia and I have to take my son to and from school, making it difficult to work at my desk.
Recently, I have been carrying around my iPad pro 11 so that I can work on retouching photos, making videos, and writing articles while I am on the move.

iPad pro 11
Apple Pencil
Folding keyboard
Portable SSD
USB hub
Mobile battery
Small mouse
Earphone (Bluetooth)
Pocket watch (hand-wound)

With them, I can design clothes, retouch photos, edit videos, write articles, and hold online meetings, so I can work anywhere, regardless of location.

We have finally completed our request for crowdfunding for the "Wa no Soto Asobi Gi" (Japanese outside play clothes).
We will start taking orders after the review process on CAMPFIRE is complete.
I expect to be able to release the product within a few days, and we will send out an email newsletter when we do.

"Japanese outside play clothes"
{NEW}Samurai Mode Work Jacket
{NEW}Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants
{NEW}Samurai Mode Kimono Rain Coat

We asked Mr. Daisuke, the representative of TORCH Nikko, a camping and coworking facility in Nikko, to model for us.
TORCH Nikko offers camping as well as SAP at Lake Chuzenji.
Camping and SAP expert Mr. Diesuke also gave his approval for the ease of movement and wearability of the work jacket and monpe pants.
The lining, which can be seen when the arms are rolled up, is also available in three different Japanese patterns.

See you soon.



■ 2. News

#Clothes for people who love kimonos #Japanese Modestyle
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO is a brand created to get people interested in traditional kimono with a modern kimono style that does not need special dressmaking.

MAX 25%OFF!Crowdfunding Start!
●["Fusion of Kimono and Suit! A Japanese business set-up" Stretch Jacket and MONPE & HAKAMA Pants Setups are now available!]

We are currently holding a campaign to celebrate the debut of our new Japanese set-up.
This time, I redefined and designed Japanese office casual wear with easy care and lightweight for busy daily business scenes.

We hope you will consider them!

●Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket
●Samurai Mode Stretch HAKAMA Pants
●Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants
●Samurai Mode Kimono Coat

This is the best chance to purchase KUDEN clothes at the best price when they make their debut! Don't miss it!

●For Japanese Customers


●For Oversea Customers
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO Official Website(Customers in Japan cannot purchase on the official website.)

Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket + Samurai Mode MONPE Pants
I often wear a jacket over a hoodie. During the shoot, I talked with him about how it looked like the "Jujutsu Kaisen"in the anime, and he was very excited to pose with me.


Kimono Coat Model SAKIJU & TARO
It is also enjoyable to wear the coat in kimono style like a Kimono gown. Ms.Taro is wearing a raincoat made of raincoat fabric, which will be released soon. It is lightweight!


Samurai Mode Shirt II + Samurai Mode MONPE Pants 
Shirt black and MONPE black are a beautiful combination. It can be worn beautifully in spite of the MONPE.


Fusion of Kimono and Suit! Japanese business set-up
Japanese set-up with stretch fabric for easy movement and care. Two types of pants, monpe and hakama, are also available.


Kimono Coat 02 Model TARO
It is also lightweight and recommended to be worn as a coat over a traditional kimono.


Kimono Coat  Kimonostyle Model TARO
Wearing it as a cloak is also a chic way to wear it, like wearing the wind. It is also good for early spring.






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┃K┃U┃D┃E┃N┃【 凛rin life 】
/ Issued on 20th October, 2023 /