Differences between yukata and kimono

Differences between yukata and kimono - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
"Yukata" is a well-known souvenir when Japanese going abroad and Foreigner renting for sightseeing in Japan.
Some people abroad may have the image of a "yukata" = "kimono".
Today, let's check easily the difference between a yukata and a kimono.

What is a yukata?

A quick checklist
・Yukata is a type of kimono
・Light summer casual kimonos
・Same shape
・Familiar in modern day, worn as a nightgown in inns and at summer festivals.

Differences between yukata and kimono

・Kimono: worn all year round
 Yukata: only for summer
・Kimono:can worn formal occasions such as parties and ceremonies
 Yukata:casual occasions only
・Wear Nagajuban( kimono-like garment, made of light fabric and worn under the kimono )
Kimono: Yes
Yukata: No

・Different methods of wearing (yukata is easier to wear).

Did you know this information?
Surprisingly, there are many things in the world of kimono that even Japanese people do not know.
We will continue to share information with you!

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