World HAORI style ~50% OFF SUPPORT promotion!

World HAORI style ~50% OFF SUPPORT promotion! - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Nowadays, a lot of KIMONO are thrown away because we Japanese don’t wear KIMONO usually.

We want people in the world to wear these beautiful KIMONO, not thrown away, so we start this promotion.

We want as many as people in the world to wear HAORI as everyday outfit, enjoy the HAORI style, support to stop to be thrown away them.

So this promotion, we haoru by KUDEN support 50% price of your HAORI.
Instead of this, please post your HAORI style on Instagram.

**Our CLOSE day**
We stop shipping from 15th May to 20th May in Japan time.
We accept order but will ship after that.


HOW TO GET 50% OFF SUPPORT on online store

1.Follow our Instagram account @kuden_jp

2.When you buy, please use this promotion code “HAORISTYLE2018” and get 50% off price.

3.When you buy, please write your Instagram account name on note.

4.After you order, we check if your instagram account you write follow our account. If it’s do, we ship your HAORI.

5.After you get HAORI, you post your HAORI style photo on Instagram tagged @kuden_jp.

*You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want.

*We’re very happy if you write about your HAORI, why you select or something about HAORI and your outfit.



Enjoy your HAORI style and we hope HAORI style become widespread.