【Special 20% OFF】Invitation of Samurai Mode Jacket Limited pre tailor-made weeks

Thank you so much for shopping , this pre tailor-made weeks ended on 25th January in 2021. 




Hello everyone.

Today, we have a big news about our first pre tailor-made weeks !
We’ll held the pre tailor-made weeks for One of the most popular of KUDEN, Samurai Mode Jacket standard model Black x Black.

We receive the order of jacket in this special weeks and will start production for all jacket after this event end. So we reduce the risk of stock and it means we don’t make excessive stock.
This project is one of our challenge for ethical to solve the problem of mass disposal of clothes.

We can make after order, it means customer have to wait to receive the jacket and KUDEN doesn’t need to take a risk for stock, so we return 20% discount for them from our benefit.



【Samurai Mode Jacket pre tailor-made weeks】

●Order Period(Japan time)
Start: 12:00 26th Dec. 2020
End: 12:00 25th Jan. 2021


KUDEN official site


●Applicable products
Samurai Mode Jacket - Standard Model - Black x Black
Size : XS、S、M、L、XL


Limited special 20% OFF
JPY 34,000+tax → JPY 27,200+tax
※Not included shipping fee ( you can get shipping free coupon by Zen point )


●Shipping area
Worldwide shipping

For rest of the world, please check the link below.
*Now Japan time stops the shipping for US and other country.
Please understand it before order.



<The reason of special price 20% OFF>

By this pre tailor-made weeks, we could place a substantial order. It means, we don’t need to take the risk for stock.
Instead of that, you customer need to wait a little to get jacket so this 20% off limited special price is return from our benefits to them.



<About shipping and product>

We’ll order and start production for all jacket after close this pre tailor-made weeks, 18th Jan. in 2021.
It needs about 1 - 2 month to complete the jacket so we'll ship it in March. When you get the packs depends on where you live and shipping situation.

Also one notice, we have fabric limits so it has possibility to need more days for production depends on the number of order. Thank you for your understanding.

We’ll send a mail about news for production to your mail address so please set your e-mail address to be able to receive the mail from KUDEN.

Also we can’t accept the cancel of order because it’s a made-to-order, make for just you.
Thank you for understanding.


<How to find your best size>
Size of clothes in KUDEN is based on worldwide standard.
If you are Japanese and any other Asian, we recommend to one size down than usual.
Let's check size guide and video.

Size guide ▶︎ https://ku-den.jp/pages/size-guide
*You can see all size chart and download measurement sheet.
▼How to use measurement sheet

*03:51 Start About Samurai Mode Jacket measure sheet

*32:32 Try each size(Mens model:164cm)

Also you can ask your best size at chat window, open and send your height and staff recommends the size to you.


We won’t held this week periodically, it’s for just when we release new products e.t.c.
Please take this chance and get Samurai Mode Jacket.
We’re happy if you enjoy our clothes.