Our shopping currency changes USD to JPY

Thank you for your continued use and support KUDEN.


We announce about payment on our shop ( https://ku-den.jp/ )

From 1st December 2019, we make price for all our product and fee as JPY. From today, your payment will be collect based on JPY.

As usual, you can use PayPal for payment method.

So depend on where you live, deliver, what you use for payment, when your payment is collect and other condition that KUDEN can’t control, it’s possibility that price on our site is different from the price that you actually pay. Please understand and hope enjoy shopping.


And also we now make change price for Samurai Mode Jacket and Samurai Mode Pants, according to those currency condition and others.

You can read why those price are applied from here.
>>Samurai Mode Jacket ( Ethical chart and about price)
>>Samurai Mode Pants ( Ethical chart and about price )


Would you like to order now in 2019 and say hello to spring in 2020 with your own Samurai Mode series?