New color Blue black is available for Samurai Mode Jacket and Pants

Thanks to everyone, now many people know and wear Samurai Mode jacket in the world.

By customers feedback,

we add a new color for Samurai Mode Jacket and pants!

*image is just sample.


The new color is “Blue black” known as ink for fountain pen.

Designer Tak was inspired by his favorite fountain.

When you think about something with writhing, sign for something important… a little “special” in your daily life, the blue black is a suitable color.


Samurai Mode Jacket

Price: JPY 34,000~ + tax



Samurai Mode Pants

price: JPY 33,000 + tax


Now we receive order for Blue black jacket and pants as order production item.

It takes 1 ~ 2 months to complete after your order is confirmed.

(It depends on how busy factory is and other condition. We'll let you know once it's been decided by mail.  ) We ask you to order with time to spare.


Same as Samurai Mode Jacket Black and Ivory, looks good for everyone.
As you can see from image, “Blue black” is chic blueish black.


It’s good for formal scene, of course also casual daily style.


We're happy to announce that we publish our new Samurai Mode series.

Hope you like and enjoy it!