Final sample of Multi Shoulder Bag Black & White is now arrived!

Hello, it’s staff Asami.
As we introduced in Newsletter before, now we get a final sample of Samurai Mode ”雑嚢” Multi Shoulder Bag!
In addition to Black, you may already see, it’s the first time for White.
Both color looks beauty and have own attraction!

These are collaboration model with welfare service business for disabled people, they are good at making bags.

Not by machine, artisans in the office makes each one by their hands so there are limited numbers of producing. Please wait a little more for on sale.

We’re planning to start in July. If you want it, it’s better you order as soon as possible. If it’s sold out, keep update of stock and sell each one.

Then, I introduce that bag!

2 color variation Black and White

Black one has more smooth polished feeling, make it chic by leather-like texture.
White one has pure white color like drawing paper. You may think it can easily get dirty but It’s double-layer laminated polyurethane film on based cotton canvas fabric so it’s water and stain resistant.

There are few bag such a pure white, I think.
Artisans may take care so much to keep it clean.

Look inside, you can see beautiful deep red.
Which color do you prefer?
I’m still thinking and can’t make my decision!

Collaboration shoulder bag with welfare service business for disabled people now under development

The final mission of KUDEN is “connect the employment of disabled people with creation by design”
It comes from strong hope of our designer Takahiro Sato, make the place to work with his son now living apart in the future.
We’re sure we couldn’t comes true right now but we go for it step by step.
The first step is this project that develop the corroboration model of shoulder bag, they’re good at, with welfare service business for disabled people.
And finally, sample bag is here!

New product “Samurai Mode ”雑嚢” Multi Shoulder Bag”

[What is 雑嚢 - Zatsunou - ?]
It means Japanese bag that put miscellaneous in.
The shoulder bag used around end of Meiji period to Taisho period (about 1912) is called Zatsunou. Also that time, people wore kimono as usual outfit. When designer Tak think about “what bag is good for Samurai Mode Series?”, the idea comes from it.

[What is -書生- Shosei]
Shosei is the student staying at home someone they know and study a lot in Meiji - Taisho period (about 1868 - 1926)
They wore uniform and kimono, carried their stuff in shoulder bag.

Fabric is laminated canvas

We adapt this fabric because it’s water-resistant, doesn’t discolor and surface hardness is good.
It double-layer laminated polyurethane film on based cotton canvas fabric. By bumpy on surface by color and lustre, it makes more three-dimensional effects of material, appear deeply color. Its lustre likes leather one. This classy style is good match to both formal and casual outfits.

The reason Tak design “Multi” shoulder bag

These days, the bag has many function with partition and also there are many specific to some way like camera bag. But Tak deliberately remove the specification and decide to design multi shoulder bag. You can put your stuff, take it easy from bag, it’s a useful to not only daily life but also for travel scene. Tak think, it means you can customize the original way to use your bag.

Comfortable size to carry 13inch laptop

The size is 35cm × 22cm.
You can carry 13 inch laptop and A4 documents enough.

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Now it’s final step of development!
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