Create account and Get 1000JPY discount

Thank you so much for always support and enjoy.

We decide to send 1000 JPY discount coupon to you first customer.
Before that, we gifted a shipping free coupon but increase shipping cost like fuel surcharge due to changing world situation and .

From today,
Customer can get this coupon for your first shopping when you create a new account. ( You can use this coupon just 1 time)

Here is the discount coupon code.


※Some items are not applicable

Enjoy your first shopping with this coupon!

We recommended you to use the Zen point and exchange them to shipping free coupon but Zen point panel couldn't be translated in Japanese because of system so for easy to get this chance, we change like it.

After your first shopping, get the Zen point by writing review, follow SNS and so on, enjoy your shopping with zen point!