New product under development"Cloth face mask"

New product under development"Cloth face mask" - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
Hello, it’s staff Asami.
Today, I have news about new product under development!

With the Marron, developing cloth mask

Last May, Our partner sewing factory Marron went bankrupt because of the effect of cost reduction for subcontracting company etc.
A year from that happened, there are not company anymore but CEO and staffs of Marron still take care to us and help a lot.
This cloth mask is now under development by KUDEN and ex-Marron people together.

More detail of Marron is here

Newest product “Cloth face mask”

Customers in the world want mask by KUDEN and we started developing original mask.
Designer Tak feels that people in many country are beginning to wear the mask for etiquette in their lifestyle so he begins to think about designing ethical mask as fashion that people enjoy wearing.

It’s used everyday so not single-use. To wash and use again.
Also it’s designed to be comfortable to wear, not hard to breathe and pressure on skin by strings, by using high sewing technique from Marron’s artisans.

For season from now, he select the design, fabric and color to be suitable that people can wear with cool feeling in hot summer weather.

Design for more people in the world

To be adjust for wide size, adopt accordion fold to spread upper and lower. We have 2 size.
・Regular size
・Small size
Tak wants to design it to be able to adjust the size for each customers and also function to make it more easy to breath by adjusting when they feel hard to breath. From this Tak’s thinking, add a idea by Marron team, we adopt this design like a magic.

Light and breathable fabric

The inner fabric that touch your mouth is made by 100% cotton.
Not a cool touch fabric but feels good for skin and breathe even in hot weather, from now getting hot season.

Pleats to be able to use again after wash

It’s a cloth mask so we think again and again about design not to lose their shape easily and use more time as much as possible if you use everyday.

This is our mask after wash by hand.
If you iron the pleats, you can use them more beautifully for a long time.

Bicolor for both fashionable and comfortable

We select the deeper color for inner fabric that touch mouth and skin directly because make dirt noticeable. Meal, lipstick, foundation cream…these are unavoidable stain to mask. So we pick dark color to be not noticeable even for just a bit.

3 color variation As enjoyable fashion, we make 3 color variation.
They are suitable for the season from now.
・Salmon Pink(outer)×Coral Pink(inner)

About Price

We’re planning to set the price below to make it affordable price.
・Regular size (for mens and women)
1,200 JPY + tax

・Small size(for small-sized women and kids)
1,000 JPY +tax

It’s a 60% cost rate. We cut down our profits to pay fair wage to people sewing them and make it affordable price.
For customers in Japan, we now trying to adjust the shipping fee down as much as we can.

About size,
Regular size is for mens and women,
Small size is for small-sized women and kids.
Women may fit both size so please pick best one for you.
Please check these photos that staff wears for reference.

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