Zen-禅-point / Next Kimono Samurai Mode Jacket from KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO



What is Zen Point?

KUDEN tries to make how/where clear and consider for environment and people who concern the production so never sale with no reason.

Zen point is return point from our benefits to your promotion instead of us with thanks.

You can use Zen point only on KUDEN's shopping web site. 
You need KUDEN's account to get Zen point.

You can earn per your action like Shopping, follow SNS, write a review and so on. After you make your account, you can earn and use Zen point.

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Ways to Spend

  • Free shipping discount ( 3 Zen point)
  • 5%off coupon ( 5 Zen point )
  • 10%off coupon ( 10 Zen point )
  • 15%off coupon ( 15 Zen point )

Ways to Earn

  • Place an order (1 Zen point)
  • Share on Facebook ( 1 Zen point )
  • Share on Twitter ( 1 Zen point )
  • Like on Facebook ( 1 Zen point )
  • Follow on Twitter ( 1 Zen point )
  • Follow on Instagram ( 1 Zen point )
  • Write a product review ( 3 Zen point )
  • Celebrate a birthday ( 2 Zen point )
  • Create store account ( 1 Zen point )



  • All Zen point gives you depending on your action after you sign up.
  • Zen point can valid on ONLY ku-den.jp .
  • We KUDEN can change an amount of your point and earn/spend system without any announce or agreement. Please understand it.
  • We KUDEN never change Zen point to credit.
  • Some action need time to get a Zen point. If you don't receive a Zen point, please contact us.
  • If you write a review and don't get a Zen point, please message us with your email address that you sign up for order.
  • If you haven't earned or spent points in the past 1 Year (365 days), your point will expire ( We'll send a mail 30 days before it'll expire)
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