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Mariana Blinova


Live:Kyiv, Ukraine
Job: blogger
Age: 30 years old

What is your “must do” in the morning?       

—I do not like get up early. The perfect morning for me is calm, without any hurry.
A cup of black coffee (no sugar) is my everyday ritual. Coffee wakes me up and I become ready for this day.
I am lucky, because every morning I see beautiful panorama of the right bank of Kiev, that opens from window of my apartment. I enjoy this view. This beauty and feeling of infinity are the guarantee of an excellent moodfor the whole day.

Tell us your daily schedule.

—Most of all I like diversity in my life. I hate routine. Therefore, each new day is not like the other. But flexible schedule requires clear planning and self-discipline.
On Sundays I usually make plans for the whole week. I don’t like being late and I almost never break deadlines, I respect terms (especially those that I set myself). In my schedule there will always be time for my self andmy family.

Where is your favorite place in local town. When you want to go there ?

—I love bridges across the Dnieper River in Kiev. There is always a stunningview of the right and left bank.

Life is a big journey.

〜about mariana〜

Favorite film

—"Gone with the Wind".

Favorite book
—"Islands in the Ocean" by Ernest Hemingway.

Favorite music
—I don’t have strict music preferences. My music playlist depends on mood. I would like to pay attention to interesting musicians from Ukraine - Daha Braha, Onuka, Oken Elzy.

Favorite food

Favorite flower
—an orchid.

Favorite colour
—Green is my favourite colour for the past few years. It’s colour of calmness, strength and abundance. Also I like red, purple, white and black.

Impressed place
—Today's favorite country is Morocco. The best city - London.

Where do you want to go in the world?

—Traveling around the world is my life, my hobby and work. I’ve visited more than 30 countries anda about 260 cities.The world is big. I have a lot of plans.I dream to visit Japan, Namibia, Singapore, Norway and Iceland. I like the desert. I want to visit all the deserts in the world. And of course I hope to visit Antarctica one day!

What was your dream when you were a child?

—I was and I still am a real dreamer.When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams and can’t remember all of them.I wanted to become an architect, make a scientific discovery and go round the world in 80 days.

What are you now obsessed with?

—I'm obsessed with art in all its manifestations. Most of all I'm interested in painting, architecture and fashion.
I always want to get to the essence of creativity, understand the author’s idea, what he wanted to convey to the viewer through his work.
I paint a little, restore old furniture and interior subjects, study design of interiors and architecture. It develops the creativity of a person, helps to think more broadly, generate new ideas.
Art gives you "millions of your own eyes" to see the life from different sides.

What is your dream for now?

—To make dreams come true they need to be kept in secret. You need to work daily on their implementation.
Now I have some very different dreams. I'm inspired by each of them.
This is what gives me strength and provides a good mood every day. It is a great happiness for every person to understand why you live, for what / whom and enjoy it.

Mariana's haori style

Black haori with white pattern

—This haori is versatile.
You can easily use it for festive and every day outfits.
I combine haori with a white shirt into small polka dot, black pricks and black and white shoes.
You can wear it anywhere: visit a friend, go to work / study, for a walk. The main thing is that your lifestyle and mood match.

This outfit turned out a bit theatrical, slightly in the spirit of 30th.
A dress from the popular brand Andotherstories, shoes with hand embroidery from the Ukrainian brand Otaman, a book-clutch from a designer from Riga, large earrings in the form of pomegranates were bought at the marketin Istanbul.

—It was love at first glance. An ideal haori for a girl living in the big city.
Stylish, concise, restrained and unusual at the same time.
I like the combination of black and white.
I like to combine black and white outfits. On haori there is a small pattern with the interspersion of red and green drops.
Reminiscent of veins of leaves and spring buds of trees.
This haori is suitable for a bright confident girl who has an active lifestyle.

Only one HAORI in the world Mariana select

"Colorful flower design yellow and white haori"

Yellow haori with bright floral pattern

—This gentle, very feminine haori with a beautiful floral pattern I chose for special occasions. Because it’s bright and elegant at the same time. Haori is ideal for bright outfits.
I’ll wear it for special events: friend’s wedding, birthday party, fashionable event or evening at the theater.

—The first outfit - haori in combination with a tight khaki dress is more elegant. So that you can wear it on official event. The second outfit is playful, bright and colorful. Light trousers, gently pink roll-neck sweater and ablue bag - ideal outfit for a party or a walk with friends on weekend.


Only one HAORI in the world Mariana select

"Colorful flower design yellow and white haori"


—I am interested in studying big world around me: culture and traditions of other nations.
I believe that traditional costume is a mirror of particular nation: it’s history, traditions and ideology.
The best way to understand this is to try on traditional costume for yourself. I collect items of traditional clothes from different countries during my travels.
My artifacts do not dust in the closet. I wear it in everyday life. I can put on babushy (Moroccan shoes) for shopping day.
Or tie a kanga (headscarf from Zanzibar) for a walk with friends.
When I was offered to create outfit for everyday life with Japanese haori - I was exited. I fell in love with haori from the first seconds. I think I never wore anything
more comfortable and beautiful.


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